Tilley Excited About Seeing Tigers Vs. Tide

Lee Tilley talks about his upcoming official visit to the Plains and more.

Columbus, Ohio—Big Lee Tilley says that he already has a good idea about a number of things that make the Auburn football program what it is from his unofficial visit to check out the Tigers earlier in the year.

However, he explains that he is still excited about checking out some other aspects of Auburn on his official visit, which begins on Friday.

"I am just really anxious to see how the fans are because I went down to the campus before and I got to meet a few players, the coaches and the academic people, but I didn't get to see how the atmosphere is," the 6-5, 310-pound O-line prospect notes. "I am anxious to see that. I am anxious to see the Tiger Walk. I am anxious to see the number one rivalry in college football. I am just excited about seeing if the fans are as crazy as everybody says they are about their Auburn Tigers."

He adds that getting to take his visit during the weekend of the Iron Bowl only adds to the experience. "It makes it very exciting because this is going to be the time when teams are playing at their best," he says. "When you see a team at their best it is always going to be rivalry week."

Lee Tilley

The big lineman also notes that he took the time to take in the Tigers' latest game on television, a 31-30 victory on the road at Georgia, and came away impressed. "I saw the game," Tilley says. "I saw some great plays on both sides, Auburn's line really stood out to me. Marcus McNeil got in on some key blocks.

"For what is supposed to be their down year, they are doing pretty good," he added about the Tigers' 2005 season. "Let's be honest, if you are Oklahoma and you are talking about down years, this is a down year. They have got to reload they have got to do something. Now, Auburn, they are still in the SEC hunt and they lost a lot of players, a lot of good players."

He adds that watching the Tigers' reload the way they have in 2005 is something that stands out in his mind. "It was very impressive because they just knocked Georgia off and they did pretty decent last year," he says. "Last year Auburn did great, they did excellent. Then, to come back and to dominate like the way they are, I am like, ‘this is very impressive.'"

Although he says that he has been impressed with the Tigers' 2005 campaign, he admits that it is not something has not weighed heavily in his decision making process.

"That is not really high on my list of priorities," he says about possibly playing for a team that is able to reload instead of rebuild their talent. "The thing I consider about teams is how they are, how the coaching staff is toward you and how things work with them. Teams like Auburn, they are going to win. Georgia is going to win. Florida is going to win."

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