Tilley Comments On Exciting Weekend at AU

Offensive line prospect Lee Tilley discusses his official visit to Auburn, his fifth and final one.

Columbus, Ohio--Offensive line prospect Lee Tilley says he enjoyed watching the Auburn Tigers whip the Alabama Crimson Tide on his official visit to Auburn over the weekend.

One of the nation's most highly regarded high school senior line prospects, Tilley says he will announce his decision on Monday at a press conference at Franklin Heights High School. Auburn got the last chance to make an impression on the big tackle and Tilley says it was a good one.

"My favorite part was seeing Auburn beating Alabama very, very badly," Tilley says. "Everybody was like Alabama is good this year and this was an Auburn down year and they were going to get beat. If it was Auburn's down year, they sure looked good."

Auburn whipped its archrival 28-18 in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicated.

"The game, the Tiger Walk it was all breath-taking, it was all incredible," Tilley says. "The dedication and the loyalty of Auburn fans is great."

Tilley says the most disappointing thing was that he didn't get to campus as early as he hoped on Friday.

"I hate being late," he says. "My plane was late. I didn't get to Auburn until about six. I got to the hotel and went out with some of the guys and got to know a few people--some of the younger guys. It was great.

"I told them to take me back to the hotel early so I could get a good night's rest because I knew it was going to be a long, long day and it was a long day. I got up early Saturday and toured the academic stuff. I had been here once and I pretty much knew all of the stuff about that. I met a few other people and got to learn a few other things about academics though. By the time it was said and done, I could tell that Auburn has real nice academic facilities."

"Then we toured more of the facilities," Tilley adds. "I met Coach You (Kevin Yoxall). I love what his goal and mission is. His mission is to make you faster, strong and to make you a better football player. Not just some yoked up guy. There are a lot of guys who are yoked up and can't play football."

Tilley says that offensive lineman Tim Duckworth was his player host on Saturday after the game.

Commenting on some other observations of his weekend at Auburn, Tilley says, "For some reason, I just noticed this, everywhere else I go the coaches have their own gear and they won't give it to anybody else. They have their own stuff, but here the coaches wear the same thing the fans wear. I like the atmosphere. It was everything he expected. It was a great visit.

"It was a little colder than I expected and I wanted. I was expecting to come down and get some tropical weather for a day or two and get away from the snow."

On Monday, he will announce his college choice after taking official visits to Arizona State, LSU, South Carolina and Oklahoma. He hopes to graduate early and enroll at the college of his choice in January.

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