Goggans Very Impressed By Visit To Auburn

Michael Goggans talks about his commitment status with Tennessee, his unofficial visit to the Iron Bowl and more.

Alexander City, Ala—Six-foot-three, 246-pound tight end prospect Michael Goggans, who committed to Tennessee back in September, says that a rocky season on Rocky Top has muddied the recruiting waters a little bit and has him looking around some prior to national signing day.

"Well, early on Tennessee jumped on me, in the recruiting process, real hard," the two-way standout for Benjamin Russell High explains. "They told me some things to get me leaning their way and Tennessee has been on top for a while, but how Tennessee has been doing this year and the switch with the offensive coordinator and all, that has made me open my mind up a little bit more with the in-state schools, Alabama and Auburn.

"I think Tennessee just has too many politics going around up there right now, but they are not out of the picture," he adds. "I am still committed to them, but I have just got to see what happens."

With that in mind, the talented prospect decided to take a trip to the Plains over the weekend to check out the Tigers and Tide's yearly battle.

"When I first arrived there me and my teammate Demetrius Culpepper we met up at the gate," he explains about what he did on his unofficial visit. "We walked in and just sat down and ate. Then, we got to walk out on the field and Coach (linebackers coach Joe) Whitt came up to me first and he spoke with me and then Coach (Steve) Ensminger, the tight ends coach, he came to me and talked to me. He told me about how they use the tight ends in the offense, and he just told me they would love to have me there."

Goggans says that the atmosphere surrounding the game was a sight to behold. "I have been to Auburn games in the past, but the Iron Bowl that is way over the top," he notes. "I was very excited with the atmosphere down there and Auburn moved up on my list a lot. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the fans."

Once the game got started the Tigers put on a show, and the talented prospect says he was impressed. "I was kind of surprised with the outcome," he notes. "I thought Alabama would stand up a little bit better, but I have got to give credit to Auburn's defensive line. They did a heck of a job out there."

Along with watching the Tigers' defense run roughshod over the Alabama offensive line, Goggans says he was keeping a close eye on the Tigers' offense as well.

"I think that I could fit in pretty well with Auburn's offense," the tight end says. "They get the tight end involved a lot and I think I have the speed to get out there on the patterns and go get the ball. That is what Coach Ensminger tried to let me know and I took that in. I think Auburn gets their tight ends involved a lot and that is a good thing."

Goggans says that there were a few parts of the visit that really made an impression on him. "My favorite part of the trip was just going on the field and feeling how it really felt being out there," he explains. "That was a great experience right there. Then, the coaches coming up to me and talking to me felt good and also I just like the atmosphere down there. It was just a loud atmosphere and I enjoyed it a lot."

At this point in time, Goggans says that he is only looking at the Vols, Tigers and Tide and adds that he has official visits set up for Alabama on December 10th, and Auburn and Tennessee the last two weeks of January.

"Right now, I would say that Tennessee is on top and Alabama and Auburn are right there in the mix, they are pretty even," he says.

Although most high schools teams are now finished with their seasons, Goggans and Benjamin Russell have made a deep run into Alabama's 5A playoffs, despite a disappointing regular season.

"Well, we came out early in the season pretty sluggish with a 6-4 regular season record, but everybody in the state knows that we had a much better team than that," he says. "We played two 6A teams and we also played Homewood and Briarwood and those were our losses, but we bounced back strong in the playoffs and we played Briarwood again last week and we came out on top. Now, we have got Homewood again in the semifinals so I think we should match up with them pretty well since we know what they are going to throw at us.

"I have been having a pretty good year," he adds. "I pulled my hamstring the second week of the season and I was never full speed until the first round of the playoffs. I have just been going some offense or some defense through the season, but in the playoffs I started back going both ways. Last game, I think, I had three catches for 50 yards, one for 30 and the others for about 10, and I had two sacks and five tackles at D-tackle."

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