McCoy Impressed By Auburn Offense

Magnolia State wideout Mike McCoy was unable to make a scheduled trip to the Iron Bowl, but discusses the Auburn offense, the end of his senior season and recruiting.

Brandon, Miss.—Mike McCoy had a tough finish to his senior season last weekend and because of that he was unable to make a scheduled unofficial visit to the Iron Bowl.

Along with the fact that Northwest Rankin High dropped their first round game to Columbus High 44-38, McCoy got hit in the knee and came away from the contest with a big bruise.

"The defense just really didn't show up," he says about the playoff loss. "On offense we put up the points and we came back, but the defense just couldn't stop them at the end. It was a shootout all night.

"I just had a bruise on my knee and I was limping some," he adds about the injury. "I am walking fine. It happened in like the third quarter, but I still finished up the game strong, but my mom just didn't want me leaving on Saturday with that bruise."

Although he was injured and his team was unable to come away victorious, McCoy capped a strong senior season with his effort in the game. "I had nine catches for 177 yards, two touchdowns and a two-point conversion. I think I finished up with 41 catches for 812 yards and seven touchdowns, and I sat out three games."

Even though he put up strong numbers in only nine games, McCoy says that he had to face some tough conditions this season as a marked man.

"I was double teamed and triple teamed all season," he explains. "I found a way to get open even though they had man coverage on me and a safety over the top of me. I really couldn't get jammed off the line though because I am stronger than most cornerbacks. I would just find a way around it. I would run a slant route or a fade for a jump ball because most of the time the defender is going for the ball and he isn't going to make the hit."

Mike McCoy was a standout at an Auburn football camp during the summer.

Since he was unable to make the Iron Bowl in person, McCoy says he checked out the Tide and Tigers on the tube instead. "I thought it was going to be a closer game than it was, but I felt like both of them played pretty good," he says.

He also notes that he has been very impressed with the progression of the Auburn offense throughout the season.

"They have got a quarterback (Brandon Cox) that has stepped up a lot from the beginning of the season and he looks like he is pretty confident now. Now that they have got three receivers leaving it looks like Courtney Taylor is going to be his main target."

He also says that he believes the Tigers' offensive system would be a good one for a receiver to showcase his skills in. "I think it would be pretty good because of the fact that they will throw the ball as well as run," McCoy says. "So, if the run is not going they are going to throw it. Some teams only have an offense where they run the ball, but they tend to mix it up."

The recruiting battle for the 6-2, 195-pound receiver has come down to four teams, which McCoy says are all around even currently.

"I am pretty much looking at Auburn, Alabama, LSU and Southern Miss," he notes. "I have got two official visits set up right now. I have got LSU on December 2nd and Alabama on December 10th."

The speedy wideout, who says he should be ready to make his commitment following his official visits, notes that will be looking for certain things on those trips.

"College wise I am looking for a school that I can come in playing at and coaches that I can develop a relationship with," he says. "A couple of schools that I have been to, they have Christian based football teams that are a big family and that is pretty much what I am looking at."

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