Jackson Looking For Fun Times At Capital One

Senior Tommy Jackson talks about Auburn's trip to Orlando for the Capital One Bowl.

Auburn, Ala.—-Make no mistake about it, when Auburn heads to Orlando to prepare for the Wisconsin Badgers it will be business as usual for a veteran team hoping to win its 10th game of the season, but that doesn't mean it will be all business.

In the land of Mickey with dozens of attractions nearby to keep them occupied, both the Tigers and Badgers will have plenty of time for fun while working towards a date in the Capital One Bowl on Jan. 2. Auburn senior Tommy Jackson says this game is going to be a special one for him as one of 15 seniors playing his last game.

"I'm going to enjoy this one," Jackson says. "This one is going to be fun. It's the last game I'll play in an Auburn jersey and with my Auburn teammates. It's the last time this team will be assembled the way it is. I'm just going to have fun with it, enjoy it and play my heart out."

Jackson and his Tiger teammates will have a tough task to slow down Wisconsin back Brian Calhoun.

A person that plays his heart out both on and off the field, Jackson will likely have plenty of fun in Orlando with the Tigers scheduled for several activities around town for the week leading up to the game. He says that while it's different than last year's trip in many ways, it will be just as much fun and maybe more.

"You've got to go to a different part every day," Jackson says. "I remember that. I love those parks. Islands of Adventure is the best park. The Capital One Bowl is probably the best, that or New Orleans. You can have a lot of fun, a lot of family fun that is. I had family fun (last year) believe me, but my family was a bunch of dudes, my brothers. I better not see my mom on Bourbon Street. I would be angry."

Because of a trip to the Capital One Bowl three years ago to face Penn State, several of the Tigers including Jackson are familiar with the surroundings and what to expect from the experience. Jackson says that is something that should keep Auburn from being overwhelmed by all the goings-on associated with the bowl game.

"That helps a lot," Jackson says. "You know what to expect from the bowl and what practices will be like and the schedule. It was a while ago, but I definitely remember the bowl. They had a lot of great people there that helped us out a lot. It was an enjoyable time. It's going to be a good game. Those guys will be ready to go and so are we."

For two weeks leading up to Sunday's announcements, most thought the Tigers had an outside shot of getting into a BCS game following a 9-2 season that finished with wins over Top 10 Georgia and Alabama. It didn't work out though as both Notre Dame and Ohio State got automatic selections into the series, knocking Auburn's hopes out the window. Jackson says that getting into the BCS was something they hoped for, but it doesn't tarnish in any way a selection to the Capital One.

"We don't have any control over it, so whatever happens we were just happy with it because we knew we had a good season," Jackson says. "It came down to a few plays that kept us out of the championship game. That's okay. We're happy with what we've done and the effort we got out of everyone. We're just glad to be in such a great bowl. The Capital One Bowl is a great bowl."

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