Florida Prospect Planning to Visit Auburn

A Florida prospect discusses his visit to an SEC school the week before he plans to check out the Tigers.

Tallahassee, Fla.--Lincoln High School linebacker Craig Stevens was in Tuscaloosa over the weekend for his official visit with the Crimson Tide and said he liked what he saw from Alabama.

"The visit went really good," Stevens said. "I liked the atmosphere a lot. It was real tight. The players were real close and tight knit. I really liked that about them.

"The highlight of my trip was probably standing on the 50-yard line watching the highlight video on the jumbo tron," Stevens continued. "That was really cool. When I went to Alabama for the LSU game, I got the chance to see basically everything. There was not much that was new to me. I did get to tour the Bryant Museum for the first time. I thought that was very nice."

The linebacker said he plans to take an official visit to check out the Auburn Tigers this week.

He noted the Alabama players entertained the Florida linebacker, and he enjoyed talking high school football with his official visit host.

"My host was Terrance Jones," Stevens said. "I liked him a lot. He was real cool. Terrance, A.J. Jones and I kept arguing about who has the best high school football. We kept saying Florida and Terrance kept saying Alabama. We had a lot of fun with that. I hung out with my old teammate Cole Harvey and with Roy Upchurch, D.J. Hall, Keith Brown and LeRon McClain. We basically hung out with the whole team. Everyone was always together."

Stevens was very familiar with the Alabama coaching staff before his official visit and said, "I like all the coaches a lot. I have met all of them before, and they are still really cool guys. I really didn't have any questions for them because they have all been answered."

"Coach (Mike) Shula came to my house last Monday. He talked to my mom, and he answered a lot of questions. My mom was very impressed with him, and she liked him a lot. She was impressed because he was the first head coach to visit," Stevens added.

Stevens is keeping his options open, but the visit to Tuscaloosa educated him about the history of the Crimson Tide.

"I probably would have to say everything is still even," he said. "I haven't visited some other schools yet, but I really liked Alabama a lot. The history of the program really stands out to me. They have so much history, but they don't dwell on it at all. They are focused on winning more games and getting national championship rings."

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