Borges: Coaching at AU "Football Nirvana"

Auburn, Ala.--Calling being a coach at Auburn "football nirvana," second-year Tiger offensive coordinator says it will take a very good head coaching job offer to get him to consider leaving Tommy Tuberville's staff.

"This is the best job I have had," Borges says. "That ain't talk, that's a fact. You know, as assistant coaches we all have aspirations, or most all of us have aspirations to be head coaches someday. I don't think there is anything unusual about that.

"The difference when you are at Auburn as offensive coordinator in maybe being somewhere else is that this job has been made so good for me by everybody involved whether it is the head coach, the assistant coaches, the players, the fans and everybody it is just not the kind of thing where you want to jump at every opportunity even though I am kind of playing the back nine of my career.

"If I am going to change my situation, it is going to be with an opportunity to be successful--a good opportunity. I have been at the other end of that--three years (one at Cal, two at Indiana) where I took a lot of hits and I don't want to do that anymore. I don't want to take a job just to take a job."

Al Borges (right) watches the action with an NFL scout at Auburn's senior pro evaluation day. Four of the players there were first round NFL picks.

Borges helped the Tigers to a 13-0 season in 2004, his first year as a coordinator with the Tigers after coming to Auburn from Indiana. Borges, who coaches quarterbacks, helped senior Jason Campbell become the 2004 SEC Player of the Year.

This season the Tigers are 9-2 as they prepare to play Wisconsin in the Capital One Bowl. With a rebuilt backfield the Tigers have managed to lead the SEC in total offense this season. Borges has been credited with playing a major role in AU being ranked seventh nationally in the polls with a chance for a top five finish after the bowls.

"This program is at the pinnacle of its success--22 wins in two years," Borges says. "I just see nothing but positive coming in the future so to leave this, just for anything, to me is ridiculous at 50 years old. Again, if somebody comes to me and says, ‘Here's $1.5 million and you are the head coach at blah, blah, blah then I am listening. I am kidding--I would probably take less than $1.5 million, but it would get my attention.

"The bottom line is if you leave make sure it is a good move," Borges adds. "I don't have a lot of ants in my pants here."

Borges says he has been pleasantly surprised that the Auburn offense has run fairly smoothly in practice after returning to the field following a 25-day layoff since the Tigers finished the regular season with a fourth straight victory over archrival Alabama.

The Tigers are scheduled to work out on campus through Wednesday before breaking for Christmas and resuming practices Dec. 27th in Orlando.

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