Tigers Big Leader For Big Lineman

Auburn is the run away leader for this big lineman after his visit to check out the Tigers over the weekend.

Brentwood, Tenn.--Mike Berry has been a hot target for the Auburn Tigers since he showed off his skills at an Auburn football camp this summer, and following his official visit to the Plains over the weekend it looks as if the Tigers are very close to landing the big lineman

"Yeah, I even told Coach Nall that most likely I am going to be down at Auburn," Berry tells Inside The Auburn Tigers about Auburn being a place he could see himself for the next few years. "I told him that I promised the coach from South Carolina I was going to take my visit and that is what I plan on doing, but as it looks right now, I am probably going to be down at Auburn."

Berry was a standout at an Auburn summer camp heading into his senior season.

Berry says the reason that he is almost ready to commit to the Tigers is that he found a lot more to like about Auburn during his trip. "All around it was great," he notes. "I got to hang out with a couple of players. My hosts were King (Dunlap) and Tim Duckworth, so I had a good time. I got to see the business school and that was a plus. Overall, it was a good time."

Coming into the weekend, Berry said that he was hoping for a perfect visit to the Plains, and he says it almost was. "Yeah, it was close," the 6-4, 285-pounder says. "The only thing I had a problem with was that there really weren't that many people at school, but other than that it was a great trip."

Berry says that his favorite part of the visit was just getting to hang out with this two player hosts, Marcus McNeill and Travis Williams and getting to know them a little better. "It was great," he says. "It just felt like a family environment and they were just like me, laid back and like to have a good time. So, it was great hanging out with them."

Along with getting a better feel for the team chemistry, Berry says he was very happy by what he found out on the academic front. "Actually, it stacked up pretty big to me because I found out that they have what I want to major in and they have a pretty good business school," he notes about Auburn's business program.

Overall, he says there is one big reason he believes he will make his commitment to the Tigers in January. "It just was a family environment," he explains. "I still look forward to taking my visit to South Carolina before I commit, but after the visit I just really feel good about Auburn."

Berry, who will take his official visit to check out Steve Spurrier's program on January 13th, says that the Gamecocks will certainly have some ground to make up if they are going t change his mind. "It would take a really, really good visit up there to South Carolina."

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