Physical Blackmon Just Wants To Contribute

Tray Blackmon talks about his redshirt season, his goals for 2006 and more after an impressive performance in Tuesday's "redshirt scrimmage."

Auburn, Ala--Anyone who has ever had the chance to watch Auburn redshirt freshman Tray Blackmon play the game of football knows that he lays it all on the line each and every play, and the talented linebacker says he believes that is his best attribute.

"Definitely learning the plays and learning my position," he says about what he is working on during bowl practices. "Also, working on the little techniques like tackling, my stance, using my eyes and how to read.

"I don't too much worry about the going hard part because I feel like I am dedicated to the game and I am going to go 100 percent every time. So, if I work the little techniques and the mental part of the game I will be all right."

After working with the scout team all season as a redshirt player, Blackmon got the chance on Tuesday to get some live action in the redshirt scrimmage, and he says it was very exciting.

"Yeah, we did get the best of the offense," Blackmon notes. "It was a good chance to get the feel of the game, game speed and get in there and get a chance to get physical and have a little contact going on. We are all teammates out there so we work each other to make each other better."

Blackmon teamed up with cornerback Aairon Savage for the big hit of the day on the scrimmage's final play. The two ran out to a walk-on fullback, who had caught a pass in the flats, and drilled him simultaneously and drove him into the ground.

"It was a wake up call from high school," he says. "I haven't experienced any contact like that since I have been up here. So, to get out there and get a hit like that, it felt good. It feels good to be back into it."

The monster hit caused the older players that were watching to erupt in cheers, and Blackmon says that was a lot of fun. "That felt pretty good," he explains. "I felt accepted out there and it encouraged me to do big things like that and make big plays like that more. The team rallies up around you so they are supporting you."

Along with cheering for him after he made a big play, Blackmon also notes that the veterans were also trying to give him some advice during the practice session as well.

"They are always trying to give me pointers and help me," he notes. "So they were like, ‘just go hard.' They are trying to see who is physical, who is willing to give 100 percent and give all they have got out there. So, they were mostly just telling me to go hard, go 100 percent."

Tray Blackmon lays a lick on fellow freshman Robert Dunn during a preseason scrimmage.

Although he didn't get the opportunity to play as a freshman, Blackmon says that his first season as a college player has been very productive.

"It was a very important year for me," he says. "The transition from high school to college to get a chance to see what college life was like was important. Football is just very different from high school. Everybody is a lot bigger and everybody is good. So, I have just got to take advantage of my chance to come here.

"Coach (Joe Whitt) is going to give me a chance to play, and I have got to take advantage of it. I have got to take advantage of the situation that I am in in school and get the grades and see how far it takes me."

The 6-0, 205-pound linebacker also notes that his first season has been very enjoyable. "With the support of my family, my coaches and the counselors, it has been pretty good this year so far," he says. "I am just trying to stay focused and keep doing the right thing and hopefully everything will be alright."

As for his goals for his second season on the Plains, Blackmon says they are very simple. "At least have a chance to be in there and play," he says. "I would like to start, you know everybody here, I hope, would like to start, but if I don't get a chance to start there are some good guys out there at the linebacker position so if I can just get in and contribute to the team that will do me fine."

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