Tigers' QB Commit Staying Positive

Neil Caudle talks aboout his rehab from a torn ACL, his plans for the spring and summer and his future with the Tigers.

Birmingham, Ala.—Auburn quarterback commitment, Neil Caudle, knows all too well about the long hard road of rehabbing from a torn ACL.

The Spain Park High standout tore his first ACL near the end of his junior season and now he is working hard on the rehab process for the ACL in his other knee, which he tore in the second game of his senior season.

"Well, I guess I'm a little over four months out and I am running on it and cutting on it and all of that stuff," the 6-3, 204-pounder explains. "It is coming along on time and on schedule and now it is time to start lifting weights and start getting ready for next year."

Many people would find it agonizing to face a second rehab shortly after they had just gotten back to full speed with a previous injury. However, Caudle says in his case, the first experience helped prepare him for the second one.

"It was actually easier because I knew what to expect with the pain, and I knew what to expect with having to do certain stuff and what I need to do to get better," he says.

"It might be a little slower just because I haven't been able to go downtown to rehab," he adds about the recovery process. "The other one was ahead of schedule the whole time, and I am on schedule with this one."

The talented signal caller also says that he is looking at the whole process with a very positive attitude. "You have had both of them done so I figure they are stronger now and I can put all of this behind me and not have to worry about knee injuries--knock on wood," he notes. "Hopefully, I can just focus on playing and learning the system and everything."

Even though the future Tiger says that he is looking to find every positive in the situation, he notes that his injury situation has made his high school career a long, hard road.

"It was extremely frustrating," Caudle says. "The first year I got knocked out at the end of the year and I had to miss the playoffs, and it was as far as we had ever gone in the playoffs. This year it was my senior season, and especially after the year before, not being able to play and it was the second game. So, this year was pretty bad just because it was early in the season, I missed more games and I had to watch my team lose a few more games than they should have."

Neil Caudle has always been known as a playmaker on the field for the Spain Park Jaguars.

With the rehab process right on track, Caudle says he is looking forward to getting back into the swing of competition soon. "I am going to start baseball here soon and keep working out throughout the spring and the beginning of the summer," he notes. "Also, hopefully I will get to play in the Alabama-Mississippi all-star game at the beginning of June and head down to Auburn the end of June.

"They will probably make me go pretty slow just because it is not as important in the great scheme of things," he adds about his timeline for getting back to baseball. "But, I am scheduled to start playing baseball either at the beginning of the season or real close to the beginning."

With no football on Friday nights this fall, Caudle, who grew up an Auburn fan, had to head down the Plains on a few Saturdays to get his football fix, and notes that he really liked what he saw out his future team.

"Among the team this year, the times that I have gone down there, I have seen that they all play together and they all play for each other," he says. "They are not a bunch of individuals, and I think that is who Auburn recruits, the character of the coaches and plus I have noticed that Coach Tuberville has really made it a family down there.

"It is the same with the offense," he continues. "Brandon Cox has improved tremendously and is arguably the best quarterback in the SEC, so I think everybody is coming together."

Caudle also notes that he is very excited about getting the chance to learn from the man that makes that offense tick. "It is good to see how a good SEC quarterback works, and Coach (Al) Borges is the best offensive coordinator in the nation if you ask me," he says. "So, it will be fun working with him."

Along with getting the chance to learn and work under Coach Borges, Caudle says the thing that he is most excited about is simply getting back on the field. "First of all just being able to play again because I haven't been able to play for a while," he says about what he is looking forward to most once he gets to Auburn. "Also, getting in there and playing with the best of the best and hopefully winning a few championships."

Along with trying to help the Tigers' win a few championships with his arm and legs, Caudle says he would also like to help the Tigers' bring in some more great talent to work with like his teammate, offensive lineman and prospect for the class of 2007, Ryan Pugh.

"I think he is an absolutely awesome player," Caudle says of the 6-3, 275-pound lineman, who already has an early offer form the Tigers. "He is the strongest guy on our team, I think. He is a real hard worker and he will get after you too. I think that his family has grown up Auburn so hopefully we can talk him into coming down to Auburn the year after next. I think he would be a great addition to the team."

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