Talented Senior Duo Ready For The Future

Ben Obomanu and Devin Aromashodu talk about what football has in store for them following Monday's game against Wisconsin.

Auburn, Ala.--Four years after being hailed as the best group of receiver signees in Auburn history, the 2002 class of has turned out to be possibly be just that. While Courtney Taylor has one year of eligibility remaining, Monday's game against Wisconsin was the last at the collegiate level for Devin Aromashodu, Ben Obomanu and Anthony Mix, who all closed out their storied Auburn careers with over 1,000 receiving yards.

However, it wasn't the last time any of the three will put on the shoulder pads and tighten the chin strap as they all have a solid chance of playing on Sundays next season. Aromashodu has been invited to play in the Hula Bowl and the Senior Bowl, but will likely play in only the latter. Mix will also be playing in the Senior Bowl. Obomanu, who is second in school history with 18 career touchdown catches, hasn't been invited yet to any all-star games but says that won't stop him from training for the combines and the draft.

"I really haven't been notified officially," Obomanu says. "Once the official rosters come out that's when I'll really know. One thing I am going to do is go and train and prepare myself for whichever bowl game I get to attend.

"I'll probably go somewhere else and train," he adds. "A lot of guys have had a lot of success going out to different places. I do realize that when you go train you get out of it whatever you put in it. That's my goal after the bowl game."

Obomanu leaves his career as one of the most prolific receivers in Auburn history with 18 career touchdown catches, which is second in team history. He also finished with 97 receptions, which places him seventh in school history.

If Obomanu decides to train outside of Auburn, he's sure to meet up with some of his friends in Indianapolis, Ind. at the NFL combine that helped Ronnie Brown, Carnell Williams and Carlos Rogers into the first round as well as Jason Campbell. Aromashodu, Mix and several other Tiger senior have invites for the week-long event in late February.

"Somebody told me I got invited to the one in Indianapolis," Aromashodu says. "I guess that's probably where I'll be going. Mix told me and he'll be there with me. I think Ben, too. It's the best combine with the top players usually."

Obomanu says he is also thrilled about the opportunity to make a name for himself in Indianapolis.

"I got invited to the combine and that's pretty big and pretty special to be there with some of my teammates," he says. "I know a lot of my teammates will be there so it's something big and it will help me continue my career.

"We found out the news while we were in Orlando," he adds. "My mom was the one who called and told me. I haven't had a chance to talk to the other guys except Devin, Mix, Marcus (Marcus McNeill) and some of the offensive guys. Hopefully we can go up there and support each other."

Aromashodu has 50 receptions for 1,007 yards and eight touchdowns the last two seasons after catching just 21 passes and one touchdown in his first two years.

While all three senior receivers have different strengths, Aromashodu may have the biggest upside because of his athletic ability and believes he'll be drafted early on the second day or maybe late on day one.

"I guess they like my vertical speed and I also return kicks," he says. "Those are the two main things they like."

Obomanu now will have to figure out where to train for the next level and figure out what he's going to do with his school work. One of the brighter guys on the football team, and on the Auburn campus for that matter, Obomanu graduated in three years with a degree in business administration but still has some more work to do.

"I was in grad school this past semester and I'd like to continue to chase that and get that MBA," he says. "Where a lot of people are still striving for their undergraduate degrees, I've already got that and that's a pretty big achievement for me.

"I might come back to it or I might take classes via the internet," the graduate student adds. "There's no telling when I'll finish it but it's one of my goals in life."

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