Peters Weighing Positives And Negatives

Corey Peters talks about what he is up to after football season, the recruiting process and names a pair of leaders.

Louisville, Ky.—There are a limited number of scholarships in Auburn's 2006 football recruiting class that aren't currently spoken for. However, the Tigers are looking to fill most of those remaining with quality linemen.

One of the big men who could take one of those spots is 6-3, 285-pound Central High School standout Corey Peters, who says he is currently trying to sort out the recruiting process and enjoying competing in an interesting winter sport.

"Well, I have just been taking it day-by-day and trying to figure out what is the best thing for me to do," he says about recruiting. "I am also wrestling. I have lost two matches, but both were to ranked opponents and one was the defending state champion."

He adds that he feels like there is a lot a football player, and especially a lineman, can learn from wrestling. "It teaches you leverage and body control and all of that," he notes. "You can get in different situations in wrestling, just like football and a lot of the situations are similar in one way or another."

In the recruiting process, the big lineman has already taken two of his official visits, both to colleges in his home state. "With Louisville and Kentucky I already knew what to expect being that I had taken several unofficial visits and know those coaching staffs pretty well," he notes. "I just was kind of getting a feel for the players and seeing how they like it and stuff like that."

Corey Peters is shown at a camp prior to his senior season.

Peters says he is planning on taking his other three visits as well and has a trip to Auburn scheduled for January 13th, one to Michigan on January 28th and one to Ohio State at sometime during the month of January, but he notes that it will be a Sunday and Monday type visit instead of a weekend trip.

He explains that although he is going to give the two Big 10 teams that came to the table with late offers full consideration, they have certainly got some ground to make up if they would like his signature in February.

"They are going to be a little behind because I am not naïve, I don't think, so I think they probably had people that they wanted over me that said no," he says about Michigan and Ohio State. "So, I probably was on the board, but lower down, you know.

"So, that is going to put them behind the other three automatically, but I think to be fair to myself I can't just cut them out all together," he adds. "I have to go and look at it and weigh my options at the end of the process."

On his upcoming visit to the Plains, Peters says he would simply like to learn more about Auburn. "I am not as familiar with Auburn as I would like to be," he notes. "I came for camp and I came for the Alabama game and those were the only real opportunities I had to look at the school, and then I didn't really get the tour of the campus and all of that. I just kind of stayed near the practice facilities during the camp, so I am just looking forward to seeing what Auburn is really like."

Even though the defensive tackle prospect still has three official visits left to take, he explains that he already has two leaders.

"Kentucky and Auburn, I would say are my top two," he says. "Louisville is a very close third and Ohio State and Michigan are tied for fourth.

"With Kentucky, I am familiar with the coaching staff and some of the players, and I would say they are ahead of Louisville because I don't want to particularly want to stay in Louisville," he continues. "I think I would like a change of scenery. I am familiar with the program and I have talked quite a bit with some of the incoming recruits that have already committed to Kentucky and I guess we have developed some kind of relationship, and I think they are going in the right direction."

He also notes that he sees a lot of things to like about the Tigers' program as well. "With Auburn, I like Auburn," Peters says. "When Auburn first started showing interest, I was excited. It was my first big school. So, I was ready to commit, and at that time I didn't have an offer, but I was ready to commit.

"So, that is why I chose to go to the camp and once I got the offer, I was like, ‘okay, now I need to step back and really look at the situation,' and the decision was actually a whole lot harder than I thought it would be," he adds. Auburn has pretty much been there since the beginning besides Kentucky. Kentucky has been there since I was a sophomore. So, that is big for me."

Even with all of the positives that he sees about Auburn, Peters says that there is something about the Tigers' program that could be a concern.

"The only thing that I can say that is negative about Auburn is I could go there for four years and yeah, they are going to win championships. They are going to win rings, but besides maybe my senior year, am I going to feel like I am a reason I am a part of this instead of just being another guy on the team?" he explains. "You know, you have got your people that play and you have got your people that play less time.

"I think I am good enough to be able to start a couple of years in college, but I just don't want to be there working hard for four years and still not be at the top of the depth chart, which is a possibility," he continues.

As far as a decision, Peters says that he could possibly see himself making a commitment before the end of the month, but even if he does commit he doesn't plan on trimming his visit schedule.

"If I feel like I know, I am going to take all of my visits, but think I will give a soft verbal, which to me basically means that this is the program that a school is going to have to beat," he says.

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