Eddins Has Experience Of A Lifetime

Auburn commitment Bart Eddins talks about playing in the U.S. Army All-American Game and being named a team captain.

San Antonio, Tex.--It wasn't the best of weeks for Auburn commitment Bart Eddins in terms of his health, but in the end he says he wouldn't have traded the experience of playing in the U.S. Army All-Star Game for anything in the world.

Despite fighting through shoulder problems earlier in the week and then playing through a bout of food poisoning suffered the night before the game, Eddins played well Saturday as the East defeated the West 27-16 at the Alamo Dome. In addition to playing well, Eddins was also named as one of four team captains for the game. He says that the honor of just playing in the game is something he'll never forget.

"This was awesome," Eddins says. "To come in here and play with all of these great athletes is just a dream come true. To come here and be victorious is just a great thing. The coaches did a great job preparing us and the players played their hearts out on both sides. I'm just glad to say I was a part of this.

"Pretty much during practice all I tried to do was bust my butt and work as hard as I could," Eddins adds on being named a captain. "I guess that paid off. That was a very special thing to be named a captain in a game like this."

Eddins stands at midfield with his fellow captains while members of the 1971 T.C. Wiliams football team get a well deserved hand from the crowd.

Playing almost wasn't an option as Eddins was sick much of the night on Friday and into Saturday morning. With the help of roommate Andre Smith and fellow East player Tim Tebow, he says he finally got through the worst of it and was able to help his team to the victory.

"I probably slept for an hour last night," Eddins says. "I don't know if I ate something wrong, but I was throwing up and it was awful. I called my dad (former Auburn standout Liston Eddins) this morning and said ‘dad, I don't know if I'm going to be able to play. I didn't get any sleep last night and I'm still feeling sick'. He told me I had to push through it, so I started drinking a bunch of Gatorade and the trainers gave me a pill to take to help my stomach. I just did what I could today."

For much of the game Eddins stood toe-to-toe despite double teams from the inside of the West offensive line. Playing defensive tackle and doing a very good job of plugging the middle, Eddins held up well throughout the contest despite being weaker than normal because of his illness.

Eddins stands with Myron Rolle as the two look for signals from the sidelines.

When looking at the game several players on each team stood out as playmakers and guys who will be difference makers on the next level. When asked who he thought was the toughest player he had faced all week Eddins says it's impossible to even narrow that list down.

"Everybody is so good," Eddins says. "You can't even single them out, it's everyone. They're all a bunch of great athletes. I'm honored to be in this class and honored to play with a bunch of guys like this."

The 6-5, 265 Eddins will now take his game to Auburn having wrapped-up one of the most outstanding careers of any defensive lineman in recent memory. An All-State performer for two seasons in addition to his honor of being named an All-American, Eddins says he's now ready to take his game to the SEC and see how he stacks up.

"I can't wait," Eddins says. "I can't wait to take that next step in my life and to be able to do up to a higher level of play. I just can't wait."

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