Exciting Prospect Excited About AU Visit

This high school standout, who plays to take an official visit to AU this weekend, has several reasons to be happy.

Fort Valley, Ga.--After finishing up a spectacular senior season with a AAA state championship, Chris Slaughter is hitting the books hard so he can complete all of his school work and get qualified to join the Auburn Tigers football team in the fall.

"I am like a semester away from finishing my class work," Slaughter says. "After football season I have just locked down on my work now."

The Peach County standout adds that he recently took two big steps in the right direction of getting himself qualified for next season.

"I am happy about my test score because the first time when I took the test I made like an 880," he says about the SAT test. "Then the second time I went down, but the third time I made a 990. Also, I just found out not too long ago that I passed the graduation test. So, now I have just got to get my class work finished."

Although Slaughter is spending a lot of time working on his studies, he had planned to play basketball again as a senior until a broken bone in his finger put a stop to those plans very early in the season.

"It was during the first quarter of the game, like maybe 30 seconds in, I went down the floor and tried to steal the ball back from one of their players and I kind of hit my middle finger on his thigh and it popped and I feel down after that," he explains about the injury. "When I got up it just felt like my arm was real numb and I didn't know what was wrong with it, but it hurt real bad.

"Then, I tried to play again, I had put some tape on it, but I couldn't do it because it hurt real bad," he adds. "Then, they told me it was broken."

Chris Slaughter was easily one of the most impressive skill players to attend an Auburn football camp this year.

Now with any competitive sports out of the picture for the spring semester, Slaughter says he only has two goals in mind. "Right now I am just trying to get my hand well and do my class work, really," he notes. "I am not too worried about putting on weight because I know I will get some weight on when I get to college."

Slaughter's first extended trip to his future college home is scheduled for this weekend, and the playmaking receiver says he is ready for his official visit.

Chris Slaughter

"I am excited about just going down there and staying overnight with some of the players and stuff like that," he notes. "Getting to know them and going out places with them and hanging out with them. Also, getting to know the coaches really well, and I am just real happy to go down there."

With a pair of major hurdles now cleared on his way to getting qualified, Slaughter says he can now feel that his dreams are within his reach.

"I am real excited because I am just steps away from getting my momma away from where we are living at," he explains. "I am just trying to go to college and then beyond that."

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