South Florida All-Star Has Size and Speed

This talented South Florida athlete talks about his plans for his visit to the Plains.

Miami, Fla.—It is easy to see why 6-4, 240-pound Bryant Miller is considered one of the most talented prospects in the state of Florida.

The big athletic defensive end has a quick first step, good speed and is built rock solid on a great frame. That combination of size, speed and athletic ability has garnered Miller a ton of recruiting attention from colleges across the country, and it also landed him a spot in the prestigious Florida-California All-Star game following his senior season.

"It was just an intense game from the practice field to the game," he says. "It was just a good experience. Practicing and going against some of the best players in the state of Florida, that was a thrill."

The Florida all-stars took it to the talented team from the West Coast, 20-0, and Miller says that was a lot of fun. "That was a great feeling," he notes. "That was a real good feeling, and I did pretty good.

"I worked against a lot of tough opponents as far as O-linemen," he adds about what he gained from the weeklong event. "The O-linemen were huge. I mean, in high school I used to bull rush and get a sack, but in the Florida-Cali practice it is like if you bench press the world and the other guy bench presses the world all it relies on is technique. It was a good experience and I learned a lot, as far as hand placement and things like that—technique that is what it is all about."

Bryant Miller is an athlete with a load of potential.

Now, Miller is set to being his official visit schedule and he is getting started with a trip north to Auburn this weekend.

I am just excited to be up on the campus again," he says. "We went up there for a camp and I did pretty good at the Auburn camp. Auburn is a good school and it is going to be an experience.

"I want to meet the D-linemen, get shown around the school and I want to get shown a good time," he adds about what he is looking forward to. "I want to know that if that was to be my decision that it would be like home. I don't want to go anywhere that I am not comfortable at."

Along with getting the chance to simply enjoy an official visit, Miller will have the added bonus to get to take the trip with one of his good friends and teammates in the Florida-California All-Star game.

"The funny thing with me and (Charles) Deas, we had met each other at like other camps and all of that, but when we went up to the Florida-Cali game that is when we got real acquainted," he explains. "From then on there was just a bond. That is my boy and we talk to each other almost every day."

Miller says that one of the most important things that he is planning on doing this weekend is taking the time to really talk with the Auburn players.

"You have got to go to the players and talk to them because they are the ones playing on the field and they are the ones going to the classes," he explains. "It is good to talk a coach and all, but a player is going to give it to you straight up."

However, Miller also notes that he is going to make sure he also takes some time to kick back and let the experience sink in while at Auburn.

"A great visit for me would just consist of me just enjoying myself," he notes. "It is just a great experience. First of all it is just a blessing to be highly recruited the way I am.

"I just want to know that if I do decided to make my decision Auburn, I just want to know that is just a fit, a great decision, nothing I will regret or anything," he adds. "I truly doubt that, but you know."

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