Decision Time For Peters?

Corey Peters talks about his official visit to the Plains and when he wants to make his college choice.

Louisville, Ky.—Corey Peters says that he had a very good official visit to check out the Auburn program over the weekend, and now his goal is to try and come to a decision on whether he would like to attend college at Auburn, Kentucky or Louisville.

"It was fun," Peters says about his visit, which he gave a rating of nine. "I think I learned a lot that I needed to learn being that this is my last visit of what is supposed to be my top three choices. I am going to sit down and try and sort things out and hopefully make a decision, but I don't know."

Peters says that with official visits to his three favorite colleges behind him it is time to start calculating the positives and negatives about each one.

"I am trying to look at everything really," he notes about what criteria he will use to come to his decision. "I am trying to figure out what would be the best place for me. So, I am going to sit down and make sort of a spread sheet and give everybody a plus or minus on different things, but I think there may be a long way to go before I make a decision. I am trying to make a decision as soon as possible, but it is hard."

Currently, Peters has official visits scheduled with both Ohio State and Michigan before national signing day, but the big tackle prospect says he is not sure if he will still take those trips or not. "Not if I make a decision," he notes.

On his official visit over the weekend, Peters says he enjoyed spending time with the players and getting to know more about Auburn.

"Jerraud Powers was my host," he says. "It was nice. He was real down to earth and we have very similar personalities.

"I wasn't too familiar with all of the things around Auburn and we got to see how everything is," he adds. "It is really not a big city at all, but that is good. We just kind of hung out played video games and stuff like that, kind of getting to know the players."

Before his visit, Peters said that the one negative he could find about Auburn was that he was not sure if he would be able to really compete well enough to earn a lot of playing time for the Tigers, and he notes that is something was discussed during his trip.

"I was thinking that maybe--they are recruiting all of these D-tackles and they have got what they have last year," he says. "I think I can compete with anybody, but I was worried like maybe even having to split time, and that is okay sometimes, but if you have got six D-tackles especially all in the same year--but I kind of figured that all of that may not always be what it seems to be."

Peters says that after talking the situation over with defensive tackles coach Don Dunn he feels much better about the depth chart now then he did coming into the trip.

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