Good News Continues For Slaughter On Visit

Chris Slaughter talks about his official visit to check out the Auburn Program.

Fort Valley, Ga.—Heading into his official visit on the Plains, Chris Slaughter got some good news on the academic front.

Then, during his official visit, Slaughter says he got some more good news from Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville.

"He talked about the classes and the work and how much I am going to play and stuff like that," Slaughter notes about what he and the Tigers' head coach discussed. "He was telling me that if I come in and do what I have got to do that I will have a chance to play as a freshman.

"It is very exciting because at first I thought I would have to get redshirted and learn all of the plays and stuff like that, but I am going to have to come in this summer, go through some hard work and get better," he adds.

Along with getting some good news on his visit, Slaughter also notes that he had a great time getting to know a number of his future teammates.

"I came up there and got to know the players really well," he says. "They took me out, we had a good time, went to a couple of parties and went to their houses and stuff like that. I had a great time and they made me feel like I was family down here.

"I hung out with Kenny Irons, Calvin Booker and Robert Dunn and some of the players on the offensive line and stuff like that," he adds. "I met a lot of the players.

Chris Slaughter was Peach County's biggest playmaker this season.

Slaughter says that he also had a very good time with his player host, who is a fellow Peach State native. "Aairon Savage was my host," he continues. "We got along pretty good. He talked about how we beat them in the first round of the playoffs like a year ago. Everybody was cool down there so I should be fine."

The 6-3, 165-pound receiver says that the strong team chemistry among the Tigers was the one thing that really stood out to him on the visit.

"Just knowing that everybody is together like a real family," he says about the best part of the trip. "Nobody just stays home alone. Everybody comes together at one house and I like that."

All in all, Slaughter says that after the trip he was so excited about could not have turned out any better, even if he could have scripted it himself. "It was a 10," he says with a big smile. "War Eagle!"

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