Crowell Doing A Little Recruiting On Visit

Kareem Crowell talks about his offcial visit to Auburn.

Tallahassee, Fla.—Kareem Crowell says that not only did he have an enjoyable official visit to Auburn over the weekend, but he thinks he may have helped the Tigers' chances of landing at least one more talented defender from the Sunshine State.

"I hung out with Charlie Deas and Bryant Miller from Miami-Central," he says. "I think I got Bryant. He said it was down to Auburn and the U, but he said he doesn't think Miami is going to come through so most likely it is going to be Auburn.

"Charles said he is going to take a couple of more visits and we will see, but hopefully I can at least get one of the two," he adds.

Along with doing a bit of recruiting on his own, Crowell explains that he had a great time getting to know the Auburn football family on his trip.

"I had fun, the 6-3, 285-pound lineman says. "I got to meet all of the players and coaches and we got to hang together and have a good time. It was kind of what I was expecting.

"I got to hang with most all of the defensive ends, Josh Thompson and Pat (Sims) from Fort Lauderdale. They made me feel right at home and stuff," Crowell adds.

The defensive end that the talented lineman got to spend the most time with was his player host. "Alonzo Horton was my host," he notes. "We bonded real well. He is from New Orleans and he is real laid back and cool, and I thought that was good. We had fun."

Even though he really enjoyed his time with the Tigers' players, Crowell says the part of the visit that really stands out was how much he bonded with the defensive coaches. "How cool the coaches are, Coach Dunn and Coach Gibbs, so that is a good thing," he notes about his favorite part of the trip.

Kareem Crowell

Crowell says that he also got a chance to learn more about Auburn as a town and a university during his stay. "Most of the time we were with our host," he says. "On Saturday afternoon we went to look at all of the academic stuff and meet some of the people who were in control of all of the tutoring and all of that stuff.

"I don't want to go to a school where it is a big town or a small town, and it is kind of a medium sized town," he adds about the atmosphere around Auburn.

All in all, the athletic lineman says he would have to give the trip a solid grade. "I would give it an eight," he notes. "It was kind of cold, but that is okay."

Crowell adds that he feels like the visit helped solidify his commitment to the Tigers, but notes that he is still planning on taking his other planned official visit. "I am still going to take my visit to Clemson and see what they have to offer, but as of right now Auburn is where I'll be next year," he explains.

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