Football Recruit Still Learning About Auburn

This prospect talks about the Tigers and some of the other prospects he has met on the recruiting trail.

Montgomery, Ala.--A player who has virtually been committed to the Auburn Tigers since he first stepped foot on the field, Trinity's Bart Eddins took an official visit over the weekend and says that along with his player host Josh Thompson he had a very good time.

"Josh was real cool," Eddins says. "He said, ‘You probably know more about Auburn than I do.' He took me around and we saw some things. On the official visit we went in and met the business people. I got to see some facilities that I've never seen before. It was great. I had a ball."

Bart Eddins earned All-State and All-America honors as a senior.

Along with Thompson, the 6-5, 260 Eddins says much of the weekend was spent mingling with current players while also continuing to forge friendships with players currently committed and future teammates. Eddins says that spending time with that over the weekend was something fun and exciting. Perhaps the biggest thing he says was working on getting more players to come to Auburn in this year's class.

"The people who were in that I really hung out with were Zach (Clayton) and Neil (Caudle)," Eddins says. "I talked with all of the recruits and some of them you could get a read on and some weren't as easy. Michael Goggans seems like he really likes Auburn. Bryant Miller seems like he really likes Auburn. I couldn't really get anything on Jermarcus (Ricks). He was kind of hush-hush on everything, but everyone I talked to seemed to like it. (Ricks committed to Auburn on Thursday night.)

"It's always good to talk with Zach and Neil and Steven (Ensminger)," he adds. "They are just cool to hang around with. They're just like the other person. They're not big-headed, they're down to earth. It's always good to get to see them and hang out with them."

Despite playing defensive end for much of his playing days, Eddins is likely a defensive tackle when he arrives at Auburn.

Familiar with the Auburn campus as it pertains to football and other sports, Eddins says having the chance to tour the business schoool was an eye opener for him. He also says that the weight room and rehab facility just outside of Plainsman Park were features he wasn't prepared for when he actually got inside.

"I knew we had a thing across from the football field next to the baseball field, but I didn't know it was that high tech," Eddins says. "I just thought it was a small thing. I didn't realize it was that nice. That was good to see."

The younger brother of former Auburn defensive end Bret Eddins and the son of former Tiger Liston Eddins, Bart has a good idea of what to expect out of college football. Still, he says that listening to Auburn strength and conditioning coach Kevin Yoxall made it all hit home quickly. "I had heard my brother Bret talk about all of the workouts, but until you get Coach Yox (Kevin Yoxall) telling you about it that's when it really starts to sink in."

Eddins is currently playing basketball for the Wildcats and they are ranked in the Top 10 for Class 4A. Despite missing time while in San Antonio for the U.S. Army All-American Game, Eddins returned home to score 13 points and pull down 12 rebounds in his first game back.

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