Patterson Struggling To Separate Finalists

Adam Patterson talks about the recruiting process and two recent official visits.

Columbia, S.C.--Richland Northeast High School standout defensive lineman Adam Patterson used all three days of the long weekend to take in two of his five official visits, and the 6-3, 255-pounder says he was impressed by what he learned on both trips.

"It went well,' he says about his official visit to Tennessee that ran from Friday to Sunday. "I had a chance to look at facilities and everything and talk with some of the players, and actually talk a little academics as well. I really believe the trip went good.

"Just the players themselves, how they really want to take you in and treat you like family and everything like that, so that really stood out," he continues about his favorite part of the visit. "Also, Coach (Phillip) Fulmer taking us to his house to eat and everything like that, that really stood out, too."

After he finished up on Rocky Top, Patterson headed back home to Columbia, but on Monday he made the short trip over the South Carolina campus to look a bit deeper into Steve Spurrier's program.

"That went great," he says about his second visit. "It went real good. I had a good chance to talk to Coach (defensive coordinator Tyrone) Nix, look at some of the plays and look at some of the past games they had played and everything. You know, we really sat down and discussed football."

The talented defender adds that he feels like he even gained some additional knowledge about his hometown college. "I feel like I did kind of learn a few new things," he notes. "I learned that they are a very good academic school and that is something that I probably wouldn't have learned if I hadn't taken a visit there."

With three official visits now behind him, Patterson says that he is having a hard time finding reasons to eliminate any of the contenders for his signature.

"In a way they are all like the same," he explains. "They might have a little thing that might be different. There might be something that may be just a tad bit different from each school, but they are all the same. So, it is like I can't really make a wrong decision here because all of these schools are good schools."

Adam Patterson is working hard to make the right decision about his college home.

With a final decision looming and Patterson finding a lot of similarities between each of his finalists, he says that he may start looking at some different areas about each college to help him make his choice.

"I think I will probably end up looking at a social life or little things like that," he notes. "Location, maybe, or surroundings, I might actually look at stuff like that a little bit more. Those might be some things I start considering."

Although he says he may make part of his decision based on the social life of a college campus, Patterson notes that that does not mean the size of the campus will necessarily be a factor.

"It is more of a feel type thing because some schools might not have a city or something like that, but they still could be pretty good because they have a lot of people that are interactive and stuff like that," he says.

With his new criteria in mind, Patterson will be making his final two official visits in the coming days.

"My next trip will be to N.C. State, after that I will end it with Auburn," he says. "By then I should have it. I have got to because I will only have two or three days left.

"Everybody is still pretty even for right now," he adds. "I still have a lot of tough decisions I have to make."

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