Atkins Closing In On Final Decision

Defensive standout Geno Atkinsn talks about visits from both Georgia and Auburn and when he plans to make his decision.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.--Top defensive lineman Geno Atkins had coaches from both Georgia and Auburn in his house Tuesday night as he gets closer to making a decision. He says that both made strong points as he prepares to make his choice on Wednesday.

"Coach Richt and Coach Martinez were each here for Georgia. It went pretty good. They asked if I had any questions and explained everything to my mom and me over again like they did on the visit," Geno Atkins said.

Atkins had a few questions for the Bulldog coaches.

"I just asked about study hall and the tutors as well as where the freshman would stay. I also asked about playing time. They have a junior and a senior that's going to start, then a redshirt freshman that will be 2nd string. The other spot is open."

Richt assured Atkins that he would be staying put in Athens.

"Coach Richt said he's getting an 8 year extension so I know he won't be leaving."

Auburn was also in the home of Atkins and they made their final pitch as well.

"Coach (Eddie)Gran, Coach (Terry) Price and DT coach (Don Dunn) were all here. It went pretty good as well."

As with Georgia, the Tiger coaches went over the specifics of their program as well.

"They explained their graduation rate also and how 13 of the 15 seniors have graduated already. They also explained their playing situation and the new dorms that the freshman will be staying in."

When asked if anything had changed now after the visit as opposed to before, Geno offered this response.

"A little bit has changed. With the playing situation at Auburn, I see a little better opportunity to play there now than before. They lost 6 players over the last two years and I think the same goes with Georgia."

The STA standout now plans to sleep on his decision and announce in the morning.

"It's going to be where I felt most comfortable and where my heart was. I'm going to tell my coach my decision in the morning."

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