Mix Looking to Impress the Home Folks and NFL

Mobile, Ala.--After starring at wide receiver for Baldwin County High School then moving on to Auburn and fighting through hard times and questions of whether or not he would ever live up to his athletic potential, a spot on the South team's Senior Bowl roster and a likely spot in April's NFL Draft appear to bring Anthony Mix's amateur athletic career full circle.

"It is a blessing to be here, especially when you don't have all the hype and all of the publicity of other athletes," Mix notes. "Now, I get a chance to come out and show the NFL scouts, team managers and coaches what I can do."

He adds that having the chance to enjoy an experience like this in front of a number of friends and family makes it even more exciting.

"This is real special," he says. "I have a lot of people behind me. Everybody has been waiting on this game. I am the only local guy from the area here right now. I am the first guy from Bay Minette in a while. If anybody has ever been here, I am not sure. It is huge and everybody is right behind me and I am trying to make everybody proud."

With a 6-4, 242-pound frame, Mix is a lot bigger than most NFL wide receivers, however, his speed makes him a weapon on the outside as well as the tight end or H-back positions. Mo< He says there is talk from a number of NFL teams that he could see some action at any of those spots. "They are asking me, ‘If we were to play you a little at wide receiver, H-back and tight end how would you feel?' My answer has always been that I have no problem with that. I will do anything to help the team.

"I have never been a selfish player," Mix adds. "Wherever I fit in the offense, I will do it. Just put me in there and I will go as hard as I can."

Mix, who caught 23 passes for 288 yards and two touchdowns in 2005 for the Tigers, adds that he believes being able to play multiple spots will be beneficial to him come draft day. "I think that is a huge advantage, being versatile, being able to play more than one position on offense. I feel that is a huge advantage over other receivers that only do one thing."

Anthony Mix lines up next to another Auburn player, Devin Aromashodu, in Wednesday's practice.

With the practice sessions heading into Saturday's game being the most important scouting period for NFL teams attending the event, Mix says he has been putting a lot of effort into each practice.

"I feel like I have been doing pretty good," he says. "I have come out and worked hard every day and I think I am getting better every day. I am continually getting better catching the ball, running routes and feeling more comfortable with the plays. When you know the play, when you know what you are doing, you feel more comfortable doing it and that is helping me right now.

"You know, I think I am catching the ball pretty well, running routes pretty well and I am getting a lot of good compliments so that is always good, but I know I have a lot of things to work on for the next level," he continues. "These are just basic things right now."

It takes some intense coaching to quickly learn to execute an NFL offense, even a scaled down version, in less than a week, and Mix says that is exactly what he and his fellow receivers are getting from '49ers assistant Jerry Sullivan.

"He is a little tough, but it is not anything different than we had up at Auburn with Coach (Greg) Knox," he notes. "He was kind of tough, too, but this is a different level with techniques, different alignments with the field. You know, everything changes from one level to the next.

"Yeah, he is kind pretty tough on us, but it is kind of funny sometimes," he adds. "We always sit around, me, Ben (Ben Obomanu) and Devin ( Devin Aromashodu), and laugh at how the coaches are acting. We do imitations of the coaches. It is still real funny and we still have a lot of fun at the same time."

He also notes that having at least one more chance to work with the teammates he has grown so close to over the past few years is very special. "We are like brothers and we enjoy being around each other and are still having fun out here because this might be the last time. But, who knows, one day in the near future we might be on the same team again, do this little trio thing again one day in the future, and that would be great."

Whether or not Mix, Obomanu, Aromashodu or any of the other Tigers end up on an NFL team together, they are enjoying the experience in Mobile and working very hard to ensure they get the best possible slot in the draft.

When asked where he thinks he will be drafted, Mix says, "I don't have a clue. I am just trying to keep going up. I am trying to take this and end on a good note here, go to Indianapolis (NFL Combine) and try and go up some more."

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