Aromashodu Living Up To His Potential

Devin Aromashodu talks about being only steps away from an NFL career and his week at the Senior Bowl in Mobile.

Mobile, Ala.—There was a fierce battle for Devin Aromashodu's signature between Auburn, Florida and N.C. State back in early 2002 and the reason for that was the talented wide receiver, even as a senior in high school, had the size and speed that NFL type receivers feature.

Since then, Aromashodu has added 27 pounds to his then 6-2, 185-pound frame and still has blazing sub 4.5 speed, and that hard work in the weight room coupled with a solid career at Auburn has him poised to live up to that potential by being selected in the NFL draft in April.

"Well, it is just a dream come true, almost," he says about being only steps away from an NFL career. "So, I am just happy that I am almost there and I am just going to keep working until I get there."

Aromashodu, along with fellow Auburn wide receivers Ben Obomanu and Anthony Mix and other Tigers' Marcus McNeill and Travis Williams, have been working on improving their draft status and having a good time together at the Senior Bowl in Mobile all week.

"It is fun," he says. "I am just happy to be here and I am just trying to learn as much as I can from the NFL coaches. I am just having fun, especially, with having my teammates out here with me."

Despite all the fun, Aromashodu says that there is a lot of serious work going on during the practice sessions as well. "It has been tough, but that is what we need as young players and eventually rookies," he notes. "It is better having it now then when we get to a team."

He also notes that Jerry Sullivan, the '49ers receivers coach, has been especially demanding on them, but adds that he knows it is for the best.

"He has been tough on us," he explains. "He wants the best for us and he is just teaching us everything he knows, the way he has been doing it, and he has been doing it for a while."

"He feels like if he can take in all of the coaching he is getting throughout the week then he should have a good performance on Saturday."

When talking about his goals for the game, he says, "Just to do everything right, from running and blocking to special teams. Just to do what I am supposed to do and do what I am coached to do and I think everything will work out."

Devin Aromashodu has been catching the ball well during the South team's workouts this week.

The speedy wideout adds that he believes all of his hard during the week is paying off. "I have been talking to the Houston Texans, the Carolina Panthers and the Miami Dolphins so far," he says.

He says it is tough to get a read on what teams are most interested. "A little bit, but it is still vague right now, so we'll see."

One thing all of those teams are discussing with Aromashodu other than catching passes is returning kickoffs.

"Yeah, they have been talking to me about it," he says. "They are trying to see if I can do it and if I would like to do it, and I have been telling them that I would. I have enjoyed doing it since I was a little kid so I am just having a lot of fun doing it and I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to do it at the next level."

He adds that he would really like to get a chance to show his skills at least once during Saturday's game. "I am working with the third group right now, but hopefully we get three kickoffs and I will get an opportunity to go," he says with a smile.

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