Patterson Calls Auburn Visit "Excellent"

Adam Patterson talks about his official visit to the Plains and when he plans on making his decision.

Columbia, S.C.—Adam Patterson says he had a great fifth and final official visit to check out the Auburn program and says that now it is time for him to make a decision on which college he will sign with on Wednesday.

"I am pretty much going to try and trim it down today, maybe even try and have a decision tonight, but I won't release it until Wednesday," he says. "I am going to do my homework and then try and lay everything out."

Patterson, who ha already visited Michigan, South Carolina, Tennessee and North Carolina State officially, says that his visit to Auburn gave him plenty to think about during his decision making process.

"The trip went very well," he notes. "I didn't feel too much pressure from Auburn, which is a very good thing."

He adds that Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville continued that theme of a no pressure approach to the recruiting process when they spoke. "We were just talking about what is best for me, making the right decisions and actually going with your heart."

Patterson says that he also got to do all of the other typical official visit activities during his trip like spending time with the players and touring the campus.

"I had a chance to really talk to some of the players, and my host was Leon Hart from Columbia, South Carolina as we so we really hit it off," he notes. "I really had a good chance to look at facilities and look at the academic side of things, too."

"I felt that everything was nicely organized," he adds about Auburn's academic programs. "Everything was just laid out down there and they really know how to work it. They really know what they are doing."

Patterson also notes that having a host from his hometown was a big plus. "We really hit it off and really got close to one another and that is pretty good when you actually have somebody from your hometown, somebody you can relate to and things like that," he says about being hosted by Hart.

Adam Patterson

The 6-5, 255-pound defender said coming into his official visits that the social aspects of a campus and a town would be a part of his decision making process, and he notes that he got a good feel for that during the visit.

"Yes, it was good," he says. "The social life was very good and exactly what I would expect from Auburn."

All in all, Patterson says the best thing about a trip that he called, "Great, just excellent," was simply the Tigers' players.

"Just the players themselves really stood out," he explains. "They have a lot of fun up there, but although they still put in a lot of hard work, and they made that clear."

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