Tuberville Comments On Signee Class

Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville talks about his newest recruiting class.

Quoting Auburn Head Coach Tommy Tuberville

Auburn 2006 Signees

Mike Berry "Mike is an offensive lineman who we expect to have an opportunity to play early at center. He has very good lateral movement and outstanding quickness. He comes from an excellent high school program in Brentwood Academy, where we've had several players, especially linemen, come from."

Mike Blanc "Mike is a guy who could start out at defensive line and possibly be an offensive lineman. He has a very strong upper body. He has very good agility. He played well during the season and all-star games. We are excited about his future."

Neil Caudle "We're excited about Neil's future here at Auburn. He's had knee problems the last couple of years, but we're expecting him to make a full recovery. He has a very good arm, is very accurate and will fit our offense perfectly. He can run and get out of the pocket, and we're just waiting to get him here to see how much he will continue to grow."

Zach Clayton "Zach's father, Jerry, is a track coach at Auburn. I'm excited about his dedication to the sport of football. He's got a lot of competitive spirit. He's very good in the shot put and discus. He'll play defensive line and is very athletic."

Bart Eddins "Bart will probably play inside at defensive tackle. He comes from a long line of Eddins' from his dad, Liston, to his brother Bret, who played for us at Auburn. He is one of the top players in the South. He has a lot of quickness and a lot of speed. He is going to have to continue to grow, but the future looks bright for Bart."

Steve Ensminger "Steven has a lot of upside with what he does. I've watched him grow up over the years from a young man until now. He's probably going to get taller; he's 6'2" now. He's very versatile, has a very strong arm, throws the deep ball very well and fits perfectly what we do on offense."

Zaccheus Etheridge "Zaccheus is the only defensive back in this class. We believe he has the opportunity to come in and play corner and safety. He was the most valuable defensive back in our camp last summer. He will have an opportunity to make the traveling squad next fall."

Mario Fannin "Mario reminds me a lot of Ronnie Brown with his build. He made a name for himself in high school at quarterback, but was a running quarterback who will play running back for us. He's very quick, very fast and has a very impressive first two steps. He made a lot of people miss as a quarterback in their option offense."

Michael Goggans "Michael is a tight end who we are excited about. We are going to use him as a tight end on the line of scrimmage and then, he is also a guy who will back off the line of scrimmage and move. We'll use him as a blocker and a ball carrier. He has very good hands. He comes from Benjamin Russell and he is very well coached. He will be a big addition to our offensive football team next year."

Raven Gray "Raven is one of the most athletic players we've signed. We are excited about his future."

Bo Harris "Bo is an athlete. He played a lot of positions in high school and has a lot of talent. We're excited about his speed and athletic ability."

Tim Hawthorne "Tim is one of the top players in the South. He's a tall receiver who will gain some weight. He has tremendous hands and great jumping ability, and will have the opportunity to be in the lineup next year."

Lee Isom "Lee had a great year at Lovejoy High School. He played on the same team as Mario Fannin. Lee has a very strong upper body and will be a versatile football player. I think he'll play inside at tackle but could also play at defensive end for us."

Hendrick Leverette "Hendrick is a young guy who we consider a Travis Williams/Antarrious Williams type of linebacker. He's very versatile. We're excited about him coming in and having an opportunity to play early. He has a lot of speed and quickness and can run from sideline to sideline."

Bryant Miller "Quickness is Bryant's best attribute. He's a big guy who can run. He has a very fast first step. We are excited about what he can do."

Jermarcus Ricks "Jemarcus' brother, Courtney Harden, plays for us at Auburn. Jemarcus is one of the top linemen in the South. He has a very strong upper body, he's very quick off the ball and will have an opportunity to play very early here at Auburn."

Alex Rose "Alex reminds me a lot of Ben Obomanu. He has a very quick first step, catches the ball with his hands and can make people miss. He could play inside or outside wide receiver."

Darrell Roseman "Darrell is a young man that's going to continue to grow. He's got a lot of height and he should gain 15-20 pounds. We expect him to play on the strong side and the weak side at defensive end. He's also a good basketball player."

Ryan Shoemaker "Ryan has been one of the top punters and kickers in our camp the last several years, and has worked very hard at both punting and kicking to become what he is today. He will have a chance to back up both of our guys (Kody Bliss and John Vaughn) next year and become the future punter or kicker at Auburn."

Chris Slaughter "Chris is tall and has room to grow and put on weight. He will play an outside receiver position. He set several records at Peach County High School. He's very good on the deep ball and knows how to get open across the middle. He is a very athletic wide receiver."

Greg Smith "Greg will be a nose guard or a three technique. He is very strong and very wide, and kind of reminds me of T.J. Jackson. He fits this defense with the way he plays with leverage, using his hands and using his strength inside."

Craig Stevens "Craig is one of two linebackers we signed and will be an inside linebacker. He will have the opportunity to play next year. He's tall, rangy and will be excellent early on in pass coverage. I am excited about having a player from Lincoln High School."

Ben Tate "Ben set numerous records in the state of Maryland. He is a mid-year graduate who has already enrolled at Auburn and is going through workouts. It looks like he has an opportunity to gain some weight and continue to grow, as he's only 17-years-old. We're very impressed so far with what he's done and excited about his future."

Lee Tilly "Lee is one of the first guys who committed to us. He is a big offensive lineman who could play guard or tackle. He is very strong and competitive. He will be a big asset to our offensive line."

Terrell Zachary "Terrell is one of the most athletic players we signed. He is also an excellent basketball player. He is very similar to Courtney Taylor in how he plays and how he uses his body. He has great leaping ability. He played a lot of positions in high school and will have a chance to come in and play next year."

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