Tuberville Comments On Status of Gibbs

Head coach Tommy Tuberville discusses the Auburn defensive coordinator's situation.

Auburn, Ala.--Tommy Tuberville said on Thursday that he is waiting to find out if he needs to hire a new defensive coordinator with David Gibbs considering what Tuberville said are multiple offers to return to coaching in the NFL.

"I guess the Kansas City (Chiefs) thing is what everybody is talking about and David will make his mind up on that," Tuberville said. "Kansas City is where his wife is from. They have a new baby on the way and I think we will know today or tomorrow and he will be 100 percent on what he is going to do."

The Kansas City Chiefs are making major staff changes and on Jan. 19th Coach Herm Edwards announced that five assistants had joined the team.

"I hate to see anybody move, especially David, who has done a good job for us," Tuberville said. "I think he will make his mind up 100 percent probably today or tomorrow and we will see what happens. You can't fight family if they decide they want to go to Kansas City."

Tuberville said that he will be ready to move quickly to hire a replacement if Gibbs leaves the staff. "He has had some second thoughts," Tuberville noted. "He has visited with them on the phone. It has never been a 100 percent deal. He doesn't have a contract with them.

"A lot of people are speculating that me and David got into it," Tuberville said. "He is a good football coach. He doesn't relate and communicate as well as some of the guys we have had, but that is not his job. That is my job to do the communicating. His job is to coach. He got better during the year. I hate that we played like that in the bowl game, but that is water under the bridge."

David Gibbs, who coaches the secondary, makes a point to safety Will Herring during a practice.

Gibbs took over as defensive coordinator just before the start of spring training 2005 after Gene Chizik left for the University of Texas.

"It's his choice totally what he is going to do," Tuberville added about Gibbs. "I am going to support him whatever choice he makes."

With spring practice scheduled to start on the 28th of February, Tuberville said if Gibbs leaves that he will be focused on bringing in a replacement as quickly as possible. "I have always got a list of names," the coach said. "There are some guys I think will fit in here. We will look at two or three and try to get them in here as soon as we can."

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