New Position, New Opportunity for Campbell

Anthony Campbell is happy to have the ball back in his hands.

Auburn, Ala.--After two years of bouncing around near the bottom on the depth charts at cornerback, redshirt sophomore Anthony Campbell has found a chance for playing time as part of an unproven receiving corps.

Campbell says returning to offense has been going well so far as the Tigers continue their first week of spring drills.

"It's really an adjustment," the sophomore says. "I had been doing offense all my life and then I come here it's strictly defense. Now it's back over to offense so it's an adjustment to me just learning the techniques and plays."

Campbell played sparingly at receiver at Hialeah, Fla., Senior High School and was used mainly at tailback and kick/punt returner. He practiced at cornerback during his redshirt season at Auburn and then moved to tailback for the scout team last fall.

"I was really looking forward to going back to running back, but me and Coach (Eddie) Gran had a one-on-one meeting," Campbell notes. "He broke it down to me with the guys coming back like Kenny Irons, Tre Smith, Carl Stewart and Brad Lester, a sophomore like myself.

"I just put two and two together," Campbell adds. "He said, ‘We are only one deep at the slot position. Do you want to play slot?' And I said yes. I had a discussion with my mom, we talked about it and that's my decision."

The 5-10, 187-pound sophomore has looked natural at the position with his quickness off the line and in his cuts, but admits he's still learning the finer points.

"I've watched a lot of film," Campbell says. "I'm still working on my releases and it's just talent taking over right now because I'm not very good at my releases. I'm getting there. By the end of the spring I should be at my best because I'll be doing it every day, working at it and I have a great coach in Coach (Greg) Knox.

"I've got to get all of the break-downs, the leverage, reading the coverages and knowing my destination," he adds. "That's what it's all about--leverage, reading the cornerbacks and getting to your stop."

Campbell makes a catch on the run in his first day at receiver with Will Muschamp and Al Borges looking on at the AU football complex fields.

With his athletic ability and the lack of depth at the position, offensive coordinator Al Borges believes Campbell will have an opportunity to play immediately.

"He's got a chance and a new life being on offense now," Borges says. "It's a position he probably has a chance at contributing to if he can come around. No doubt about it."

Head coach Tommy Tuberville agrees with Borges. "This is a great opportunity for Anthony to step up and contribute for us this season."

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