Q&A With Al Borges and QB Blake Field

As the Tigers head into the second week of spring football practice, Al Borges and Blake Field answer questions about Auburn's backup quarterbacks.

Q&A with Auburn offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Al Borges:

How did Blake Field do in the scrimmage?

"He did some good things Saturday. He's still one of those kids that has that one play that you'll be like, ‘Dog gone it Blake.' If he can iron out that wrinkle he could be a really good player.

"He does really good things and he has the best athleticism of any of our quarterbacks, without question. He's got a strong throwing arm and he has better awareness of what we're doing than he ever has. But he still has that one shank off the tee or that one short missed putt that he's got to get out of his game."

What about Calvin Booker's performance in the scrimmage?

"Calvin has improved significantly from last spring. He's still chasing Blake. He had a couple of things (in the scrimmage) go wrong that weren't his fault that made him look bad. There were a couple of things he could have done better.

"The thing about Saturday is that we gave both of those guys a chance to play with the ones. That really gives them a chance and when you get that opportunity you have to take advantage of it. We'll probably do it again before the spring and they'll have to take advantage of it."

Q&A with redshirt sophomore quarterback Blake Field:

How did you grade out for the scrimmage?

"I ended up with an 81--not very good personally, I don't think. There's always room for improvement."

What did you do wrong to lose those 19 points?

"I only had 28 plays. The more plays, the bigger room for error. It was just small stuff like run checks, technique or production. We're graded out by assignment, technique and production. And it was just a few minor errors that don't need to happen."

Is it good having Calvin Booker on your tail pushing you for competition?

"I don't think about Calvin, personally. I don't think about him at all. I'm pushing Brandon (Cox). I've been asking myself, ‘Why is there...?' I don't know, yeah I guess (it helps having his competition). I've got my own personal opinions about Calvin being there.

"Yeah, it's good having competition, but I don't see why there is an opening for the number two spot again. I don't know what Coach (Al Borges) has told ya'll. Coach hasn't told us anything. Coach just wants everybody to get reps and that's how we're doing it.

"Brandon (Brandon Cox) is getting the most reps with ones and me and Calvin are splitting with number twos. I don't see how...I mean. We're all competing for each other."

Field completed 13-22 passes with no interceptions for 200 yards and three touchdowns in a start against Western Kentucky. Cox was ill that day, but Field led the Tigers to a 37-14 victory.

After playing well in your start last year, do you feel like you've earned the No. 2 spot?

"Yes, that's what I feel. I don't know what...I know they know I've got a lot of work to do, but I don't know why there is a question about the two spot. I may be wrong and I don't want to get the coaches on my bad side because I haven't gone to them and talked to them about anything yet. Coach is the boss and I do what coach says.

"He wants to split us up and I take advantage of the plays that I'm given. So that's what I do and not just be satisfied, but to work to make every play that I execute perfect so that he sees that I'm learning and that I'm improving every second. What he told me Sunday, he just wants me to be more consistent.

"Brandon has said it about a lot of our team that we need to be more consistent. That's not just because we've been in this offense for two years, we just need to be more consistent."

Blake Field throws a pass in Sunday's practice as head coach Tommy Tuberville watches the action.

Borges said that you've got that one shank in your game that occasionally comes out. What does he mean by that?

"I think he's talking about consistency. He's talking about staying concentrated, staying focused and staying on what I need to do all the time. Sometimes I'll throw right on the money--make a hard throw right on the money. Then the next throw will be two feet above his head. I just need to get that out of my system. That's the big problem."

Do you think if continue to play like you have been then you'll wrap up the No. 2 and end all the questions?

"Yes. I want to earn their trust. I want to earn Tuberville's trust. They're still gaining the trust in me because of me as a freshman. I had my own academic problems. I wasn't the greatest student in the world coming in, but I've changed.

"I've grown up after those first two semesters here because it's always hard your first two semesters. That's why I believe they kind of still have that slight hesitation to trusting me a little bit. I want them to know that I can get it done. I showed them that I could do it in a game, but I've got to be able to do it in the game, at practice, on the board in the meeting rooms and everywhere else. They want to see that I've grown up a lot.

"They know that I've grown up a lot academically and learned to take care of my business. Everyone has their own personal opinion so I just keep working for what I love."

Do you think it's just a matter of time before you gain that trust?

It's a matter of time. I've haven't been able to go into Coach Borges' office or Coach Tuberville's office and be like, ‘What is your opinion of me as a player?' The only way I can really find out is what they say to the media. And that's not always what sounds like. Whenever we go into meetings it's not about what they think about you. It's how you produce, how you play and how consistent you are. Coach Borges is a very smart man. He knows exactly what he's doing and I'm his student. That's what I want to do, and I feel like if I keep going I'll be better off."

With your 81 grade, is it normal early in the spring when everyone is rusty and working on the timing?

"It's normal. Brandon is above normal. Brandon is very intelligent and he started 12 games this year. When he's played, he's seen almost every scenario possible. He's played in LSU, he's played in Georgia's stadium, he's played everywhere. He's the starter and he's expected to have higher grades. Plus when you're limited to only 28 plays I guess it's average to be about 81. Brandon graded out at 96 and Calvin graded out at 87, but Calvin had 43 plays, Brandon had 33 plays and I had 28. I guess it's typical and I've got to keep working."

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