Last Shot for Lee Guess

Senior wide receiver Lee Guess is playing for a spot in the playing rotation for his final Auburn football season.

Auburn, Ala.--After the loss of three receivers to graduation, this spring is an important time at the position for several players to step up and prove themselves. With mostly younger guys looking to fill the void, Lee Guess, a player who has been around the program for several years, certainly has a chance to earn playing time and has looked sharp in spring practice.

"Lee's an experienced guy," receivers coach Greg Knox says. "Experienced guys do well. They're sharper than guys like Montez Billings, who is going through his first spring and learning the offense for the first time. It's a struggle for them. It's a battle for them.

"With Lee, he knows the offense, he's experienced, he can play several positions and he's having a good spring," Knox adds. "He gets the job done."

Guess, who has caught seven passes for 129 yards and a touchdown, says that after several years in the program he's hoping to contribute as a senior before his collegiate career is over.

"All the hard work, hopefully it pays off after four years now," Guess says. "I'm trying to get the opportunity to show the coaches how much better I've gotten and that I can start for Auburn. When they give me the opportunity, it's my job to make them believe in me."

With such a depleted unit experience-wise, Guess isn't the only player who will need to improve this season. Several young players have shown the ability to get the job done, but have lacked the consistency needed.

"We're going to need them," Guess says. "We're a young group right now. Me and C.T. (Courtney Taylor) are the only seniors and everyone else has two years behind them. From Rod Smith (Rodgeriqus Smith), James Swinton, Dunn (Robert Dunn) and Billings, the coaches are looking to them to try to put them in positions to see if they can step up and help us out."

In an age where it takes the normal college student five years to graduate, Guess played his redshirt junior season as a graduate student and will also play his senior season while taking graduate level classes.

"I'm in the MBA program in the second semester in it," he says. "I'm doing pretty well. I plan to graduate by next spring. When I'm done with football I actually have a semester of being a student. I won't know what to do and it'll be kind of weird. I'll have to ask some of my friends how that feels. I'll be done by next spring, and I don't know if there is anyone who has ever done that (get an MBA. in five years)."

Tiger Ticket News and Notes

*The offense worked on the passing game and new plays for a good portion of Tuesday's practice. Coach Knox had his hands full and was all over the place getting his players lined up right and making sure they were running the correct routes.

*Prechae Rodriguez, who is going through his first spring training at Auburn, is being counted on as a starter alongside Taylor. "We're counting on him and we're trying to give him every opportunity and see if he can handle it," Knox says of Rodriguez. "We're hoping he can step up to the plate and be the man."

*Rod Smith had the catch of the day in one-on-one drills with the cornerbacks. The sophomore walk-on laid out in the end zone on a deep ball over Walter McFadden, caught it and just barely got his knees in before rolling out of bounds. "Rod is having a decent spring," Knox says. "He's doing okay and he's got to make some more plays. He's got to learn what's going on, on offense. He's a little bit a head of some of the other guys."

*Anthony Campbell, James Swinton and Billings are three young receivers who need to take advantage of spring practice. "Anthony is coming on," Knox notes. "He's like Montez. They've got to spend time on the playbook. They've got to get in there and focus and learn what's going on. They've got to learn the plays."

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