After Initial Worry, Lineman Loves New Role

Offensive guard Tyronne Green talks about his development on the line and his confidence this spring.

Auburn, Ala.--A year removed from a move to offense from defense, sophomore guard Tyronne Green has been one of the pleasant surprises for the Auburn Tigers this spring.

A physical player with good instincts, Green says that the move wasn't one he agreed with at first, but now he wouldn't do anything different unless it was to do it sooner.

"It's pretty much second nature for me," Green says. "I feel like I should have been over there my whole life. At first I was thinking to myself, ‘Oh my God, the O-line' because I had never played it before. Once I moved over there it wasn't that bad. Now I love it because I get to come off and drive people back. I love it."

Following in the footsteps of current starting guards Ben Grubbs and Timmy Duckworth, Green has developed quickly under the tutelage of Coach Hugh Nall. With his defensive background, Green hasn't had a problem being physical, but he says the toughest adjustment has been on the mental side of the game.

"They are real good leaders," Green says. "When I first moved over there they both worked with me and showed me what I did wrong. Ben got with me and helped me learn the plays. That's what I'm trying to do with the second team. I really don't know tackle, but I'm trying to help Oscar (Oscar Gonzalez) out as much as I can.

"Then I have my buddy Nate (Nathan Farrow), who moved over from defensive line. It has been a transition for him, but he's picking it up pretty fast. I'm just trying to get us all on the same page so we can play together.

"I know what to do and know the plays now," Green adds. "Unfortunately, all of the players I played with last year moved up to the first team. Now I'm in with a whole new offensive line with the second team. I'm trying to help teach them the plays. It's still a big transition as far as us learning to play together with new players."

Tyronne Green delivers a blow to Sen'Derrick Marks during a recent practice.

Someone who has been pleased by Green's play is Nall. Not easily pleased and a coach that many would call a perfectionist, Nall says that Green is showing great improvement every day and is becoming a teacher despite his limited time on the line.

"It's amazing the difference simply by knowing the offense and being more familiar with the defenses and techniques on defense," Nall says. "He's becoming an offensive lineman and making adjustments when they adjust. Oscar is in there with him, so he's having to tell Oscar what to do at times. Oscar reminds me of Tyronne a year ago. He's really grown up with that part of things."

Expected to see action strictly as a reserve in 2006, Green is being groomed to be the starter for the Tigers down the road. While that's something he's looking forward to, he says that he's got a lot of work to do before he's ready to be the man.

"I want to get my weight down to 300 or 305," Green says. "I want to have better steps in the run game. My timing is off on some things. I want to be able to know the plays well enough to help my teammates out. I also want to work on my pass sets so I won't give up any sacks.

"Basically, I'm working on my whole game," he adds. "I just want to improve it all and there's always room for improvement."

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