Tiger Senior Hoping for Shot at NFL

Auburn fullback Jake Slaughter is not ready to put away the football pads.

Auburn, Ala.--For Auburn fullback Jake Slaughter it was time to show what he could do.

Not having the opportunity to perform at the NFL Combine, Pro Day on the Auburn campus was his first and possibly only opportunity to show his skills to an audience of NFL Scouts. The AU senior said that he felt like he did what he needed to in order to get a look from a NFL team.

"I definitely think I showed what I can do," Slaughter said. "I was really anxious and ready for it to finally get here. I did real good in the pro agility and caught all the passes they gave me. I think I showed what I've got and I think the scouts liked it."

Slaughter showed significant improvement catching passes out of the backfield during his career at Auburn.

Measuring in at 6-1 1/2, 243 pounds, Slaughter ran through all the tests well, but it was on the field where he made his mark. Catching passes out of the backfield, Slaughter grabbed everything thrown his way. He is hopeful that left a positive impression on everyone watching.

"I think a lot of it was change of direction and agility," Slaughter said. "I did real good on that. Then it was the hands, which I also did good on. The two things they were expecting to do I did well. I'm pretty excited about that and ready to go."

Because it was a huge opportunity for him, Slaughter said that leading up to the event he had some nerves. However, once he got on the field with his friends and former teammates he said everything went better than he could have hoped for.

"It was huge having the support," Slaughter said. "Coming out on the field I was comfortable with Auburn and the field. It helped me relax a little bit because coming in I was anxious. I was ready to get out there and do it. It helped me a bunch."

With his pro day out of the way, Slaughter said that he now plans to sit back and wait for someone to call and give him a chance to play on the next level. Before that happens he's likely to get several invitations to visit NFL teams for group workouts. He said for now he's going to sit back and take it all in.

"I have talked to my agent and he wants me to take a break for a couple of days to shut down the system," Slaughter said. "After that I will visit with teams and try to get them to know me as much as possible."

Just like many of his teammates, Slaughter enjoyed chatting with current players before, during and after the pro day workouts. He said that when everything is over he would have some very important words for the players getting ready for this moment in the coming years.

"I would tell guys to stay calm and be confident in what you can do," Slaughter said. "Coming in you should be confident in what you can do and not be anxious. I think I got a little anxious, but I calmed down at the end and did my best. That's all I can do."

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