Recruit Who Grew Up AU Fan Getting Offers

A football recruiting report is featured on an offensive line prospect.

Rogers, Ark.--Lee Ziemba may need to check the time on his cell phone more often. You never know when a college coach has left a text message to call.

Ziemba picked up another SEC offer this week. "Tennessee today," Lee Ziemba said. "I camped there last summer, and ever since I have been receiving mail from them.

"I really hadn't had any conversations with any of the coaches until about a week ago. My film had been sent to them."

College coaches are cell phone fanatics. They are conveniently used to reach hotshot recruits, but text messaging is the latest craze.

"Today when I was getting out of my truck, I looked at my phone to see the time," Ziemba said. "I had a text message from Coach (Greg) Adkins. It said that I had a scholarship to Tennessee. It told me to call him real fast."

When asked if he called right away Ziemba replied, "Of course."

Ziemba said of their conversation, "He just told me congratulations when he answered the phone. I told him that the schollie meant a lot to me, and I said thank you. He told me he was going to make it down this spring and watch me practice."

As the family plans their road trip for the month of June and decide the six or seven schools to visit, will the latest scholarship offer from Tennessee make the cut?

"I'm not sure," he said. "I might have to count them out since I went there last summer, but they will still be considered. If they make my top five choice at the end of the summer, I will go there for an official visit."

Ziemba holds 12 scholarship offers, and he knows the qualities he likes in each of the schools.

"Probably prestige more than anything," he said. "I've been impressed by all of the schools that have offered me. Tons of big-name people have come from those schools and have done well in the pros.

"And, between my 12 offers I want to know how many National Championships have been won."

Ziemba is originally from Dothan, Ala., but a move to Arkansas was a result of his dad's job with Wal-Mart. The family bond is still in the deep south.

"I only lived there about three years, but my parents were raised there, and my grandparents still live there," he said. "We are down there a lot. It's actually a small town called Clayhatchee about 20 minutes north of Dothan."

Which brings us to a school closer to family and where the parents attended. Auburn stays in touch with the star offensive lineman on a regular basis.

"Coach (Hugh) Nall will give me a text every once in a while," Ziemba said. "I get some letters, but they don't over do it. It's a good balance, giving me the information I need about the school, yet not rubbing it into the ground.

"I grew up an Auburn fan. I get Auburn shirts and hoodies for Christmas and my birthday (from relatives in Alabama)."

Other schools out of the South are not out of the equation as Ziemba stated, "Those schools are still in the mix...there will be others sign with USC and Notre Dame (examples) also from the South because those are national schools. I wouldn't feel ‘alone' in those places. I would just have to see what feels comfortable."

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