Trott Looking to Get Back in the Groove

Auburn tight end Tommy Trott comments on what has been a disappointing preseason.

Auburn, Ala.--The play of redshirt freshman tight end Tommy Trott was one of the highlights of spring practice at Auburn.

However, with the Tigers at the halfway point of their preparations for the season opener vs. Washington State, Trott admits that he needs to step up his level of play this preseason.

"In two-a-days, I will be the first to tell you I had a little slump, one that I haven't had since my junior year," he says. "Honestly, I was dropping balls left and right.

Trott is shown during a practice in two-a-days.

"(Tuesday) I had a little bit better day," he says. "I am trying to get more confidence back in my hands. I started catching the ball more with the body than with my hands. I have just got to get back where I am catching the ball with my hands, not my body."

Trott says he realizes he needs to play better in practice to become a focal point of the offensive game plan that will be put in by coordinator Al Borges.

"I struggled during the summer," Trott says. "One thing at Auburn they are not going to give you a playing spot unless you earn it. Coach Borges is big about that. You have got to earn your playing time. I don't expect them to put me out on the field if I am not performing in practice. For about a week stretch, I wasn't performing in practice. We are trying to turn that it around."

Trott notes that when he went home after practice he was puzzled about the problem when thinking about why he wasn't playing up to his normal standards. "For a week I had no answer. I guess I wasn't concentrating and like I said, I guess I wasn't catching it with my hands. It haunts you at home."

Based on his outstanding play at Trinity Presbyterian High in Montgomery and his performances in spring training, Trott was expected to be a key part of the 2006 Auburn offense and has been touted as a player to watch this fall for the Tigers.

"I try not to read deep into it and let it go to my head, but at the same time I do hear it," he says of the high expectations. "I need to perform like they expect of me. I am trying to do it."

Trott notes that he has been trying to add weight this summer and says he has gained around 15 pounds as requested by the coaching staff.

"I think it has helped my blocking," Trott says. "I weighed in at 254 (Tuesday), which is a lot for me. It is something I haven't weighed before...two-a-days with all of that wear and tear on your legs plus carrying that extra weight...but I think I am starting to get use to it now."

Trott says the extra weight may be responsible for some of his struggles as a receiver. "I am not going to lie," he says. "I felt a little slower in and out of my cuts. I felt real good (Tuesday). I don't know if it was that rubber field (artificial turf practice field) or being back over here (at the football complex). It wasn't as hot toward the end of practice. I felt good."

Trott and his teammates have the day off on Wednesday and will return to practice for a single workout on Thursday morning.

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