Vaughn Drills Another 50+ Yarder

John Vaughn showed again versus Mississippi State that he has developed the leg to hit the long bomb.

Starkville, Miss.--Coming into John Vaughn's senior season his career long field goal was 43 yards. After hard work in the film room and weight room during the off season he now has made attempts from 44, 52 and 55 yards after the first two games.

Vaughn was 4-5 against Washington State on opening night and he connected on 2-2 attempts versus the Bulldogs.

Auburn got into field goal range with seconds remaining in the first half and Vaughn spotted up for a 50-yard field goal that fell short. However, a delay of game penalty nullified the play and gave the Tigers another shot.

"I don't know if I slowed down when I heard the whistle," Vaughn says. "I don't know, but I wasn't comfortable. I hit the ground bad."

Tuberville then called on kickoff specialist Matt Clack, who has a stronger but more erratic leg than Vaughn. However, Vaughn wanted another shot from five yards back.

Vaughn spotting up for his 55-yard made field goal to give Auburn a 17-0 lead heading into halftime.

"I think I rattled his (Tuberville's) confidence with my distance on the first one," Vaughn says. "I didn't kick it very well at all. I looked at the sideline. (Coach Eddie) Gran was saying, ‘You've got it,' and then coach Tuberville was trying to put Clark out there. I said, ‘I got it.' They gave me a shot. It was a great snap, great hold and I just tried to lay the hammer on it."

Vaughn hammered it all right and gave it plenty of room to spare. He also connect on a 22 yarder, and after another solid performance Vaughn has made 6-7 on the year heading into LSU, a game he's had circled on the calendar for nearly a year.

"I can't wait," he says. "It's going to be a good game and they've got a great team. They're going to be coming in playing hard, and it's always a good game with them. It's going to fun and exciting."

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