Nall Impressed With Mississippi State Front

Comments from Auburn's offensive line coach, Hugh Nall, are featured.

Starkville, Miss.--Veteran Auburn offensive line coach Hugh Nall says he is impressed with the Mississippi State defensive front that his Tigers faced on Saturday.

The Bulldogs showed good speed and good size, but didn't have enough firepower to prevent a 34-0 shutout as the fourth-ranked Auburn Tigers came to town, sending many in the crowd of 43,640 heading for the exits long before the final whistle blew.

"You have to give them a lot of credit," Nall says. "That is maybe one of the best defensive fronts that I've seen, and we've seen, in a long time.

"They are very athletic," the coach says. "Their linebacker can run. Number 2 (Quinton Culberson) is as good as I have seen. You have to give them credit for stopping the run. They came in determined to stop the run and did a great job of it."

Auburn outgained MSU 388-161 in total offense, but netted just 111 yards on 36 runs (3.1 yards per carry).

"There are two sides to this game," Nall says. "We were able to take advantage of some things they were doing and get the ball moved throwing the ball. Anytime you score 34 points in somebody else's stadium and have the defense shut them out, something good was happening."

Nall says he believes that playing against such a good defensive front will help the Tigers down the road, including next week's showdown with LSU.

"It will be interesting to see, but I will bet you money there are four or five of those guys who will be in the NFL--easily. That is good preparation for anybody to go against that front."

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