Cox Looking For Improvement On Offense

Auburn quarterback Brandon Cox talks about the lack of production out of the offense Saturday and how he feels after a physical game against LSU.

Auburn, Ala.--With the battle known as the LSU game behind him, Auburn quarterback Brandon Cox limped into the Rane Room at Auburn's Athletic Complex Sunday afternoon looking older than his years. That's because the physical pounding he took in Saturday's 7-3 victory left him with a sprained knee and ankle. Although he finished the game and helped the Tigers to the victory, Cox says that he couldn't do much on Sunday when he sat out of practice and spent time in the training room.

"My leg is stiff," Cox says. "I woke up this morning and couldn't walk. I have been in the training room for about four hours. I kind of sprained my knee and my ankle. It's definitely a different feeling if we would have lost yesterday. With the win it takes a little of the soreness away."

While not moving very well, Cox says he plans to be back at practice on Tuesday to get ready for the Buffalo game this weekend. The desire to get back on the field has very little to actually do with getting ready to face the Bulls this weekend but more to do with Auburn's lack of offense in Saturday's victory. Cox says that the game very much reminded him of a game two years ago against the same LSU Tigers.

Cox changes the play at the line of scrimmage in Saturday's showdown.

"Overall we came out with a win but it wasn't a great offensive performance," Cox says. "You have to give it to their defense. Their defense was great. Coach (Al) Borges was telling us today that we've got to be better than that. Looking back to two years ago we won 10-9 and the weeks following that we racked up some points. Hopefully we can take this as a learning experience and do what we did two years ago.

"We didn't establish the running game," Cox adds. "They did a great job of shutting down the run. Me personally, that one interception I threw I kind of got out of rhythm and made a bad pass. I could have made some better decisions. Against a team like that, coming out with a win might look ugly but a win is a win."

This week a lack of offense won't work as the Tigers face a defense in Buffalo that is allowing opponents to score just over 27 points per game. Cox says that this game could be just the tonic for the offense as they try to get on track for the rest of the SEC schedule.

"It's a week that we're going to try to build some confidence," Cox says. "Hopefully we'll have a good offensive game and we can build some more confidence coming off a game when we only score seven points and have 180-something yards total. Hopefully we can go out and put up some better numbers."

If that happens then it could be the start of something special. Two years ago a struggle offensively against LSU set the tone for a break out performance against Tennessee a few weeks later. Cox says that's what this Auburn team is gunning to do once again.

"Coach was talking about that today how it was kind of the same type game, struggling offensively but the defense played a great game," Cox says. "He was saying that it's going to come down to offense. One of those games down the line we're going to have to win the game. Looking back two years ago after that LSU game the offense was tremendous. It definitely gives us some hope offensively."

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