Enrique Davis Back From Auburn

Enrique Davis discusses his visit to Auburn, the top schools on his list and his high school football season.

Lynn Haven, Fla.--Enrique Davis, one of the top tailback targets for Auburn and many others schools around the Southeast, made a visit to the Plains this weekend for an unofficial visit and had a chance to get a look at two of the top schools on his list.

Auburn won the game over LSU 7-3 in thrilling fashion and Davis says he enjoyed the game and had an opportunity to learn more about the Auburn program.

"It was very exciting and I had a great time," Davis says. "I got a chance at first to talk to Coach (Eddie) Gran and Coach (Tommy) Tuberville before he had to go do interviews. Coach Tuberville wanted me to talk to me in his office with my parents. I was with my parents and the rest of my family, some of my teammates and my uncle and them. It was a very exciting game. There toward the end you couldn't even sit down because it was so exciting and you wanted to see what was going to happen."

Even though the Tigers have good depth this season at tailback, a talented back like Davis was encouraged that he would have a chance to play early if he could earn it.

"Coach Tuberville explained that I'll have a chance to compete when I go in there and they give freshmen a chance to come in there and show what they can do," he says. "And about how they really would like me to be at Auburn and how I could help and what the offense gives to me. He explained all that to me."

The 6-1, 215-pound senior from Mosley High School in Lynn Haven, Fla., also got to talk with Kenny Irons about what Auburn is all about.

Davis says after his visit that Auburn is one of his top schools, but there is still a long way to go until Signing Day.

"They are definitely up there toward the top of the list," he notes. "FSU is still in the running as well as Alabama--they're still in the running real hard. Alabama is up there and Georgia is still up there. Georgia is in the top eight. Maybe seven or eight because South Carolina is still in there as well as N.C. State and LSU.

"That's a big reason why I wanted to see who was going to win the game because Auburn and LSU are still both up there on my list," Davis adds. "That was a real good game. Basically that's the schools right there, and then Florida is still in there a bit."

With the time to plan official visits coming up in the next few months Davis says that he's "not even sure" which of his favorite schools will be cut and which will make the top five. Rated as the #14 back in the country by Scout.com, he is still being recruited by dozens of schools, which is making it tougher to narrow things down.

"I need to do it some time," Davis notes. "Right now a whole bunch of schools are trying to recruit me. Basically every school I can think of is still trying to recruit me. Even though some schools, and I'll be honest, some schools know they might not be that top school but they still try to recruit me and try to become that top school because my mind isn't set where, ‘All right, I'm cutting these schools out.'

"I'm now focusing more on some schools more than other schools," he continues. "Like I know a lot now about the Auburn program, and I've done a lot of research on them. I know a lot about the Florida State program. I know a lot about the Alabama, Georgia and LSU programs."

The Auburn vs. LSU game was the first college game he has gone to this season, but he says he is going to try to go to many more between his favorites, including the Florida vs. Florida State game in Tallahassee in late November.

Davis's high school team, Mosley High, is 2-2 at this point in the season and Davis says they are getting better after making youthful mistakes in losses to Godby (35-27) and Bay High (32-30) to start the season.

"A lot of stuff was new," he says. "We had lot of new players and a young-minded team. The first game we lost by a touchdown and the second game we lost by a field goal. We're getting better and better each week it seams. Now we just blew out Chiles last week. We blew them out 47-27.

"You can tell we're getting better and everybody is starting to remember what to do on all of their assignments and we're starting to be just like last year and start blowing out teams."

Even though his team is 2-2, Davis has lived up to his billing so far this season as one of the top players in the state of Florida with incredible numbers so far.

"Against Godby I had six carries for 106 yards and two touchdowns," Davis notes. "Then we went against Bay High next, I don't remember how many carries but coach let me carry it a lot against them. I got over 200 yards with three touchdowns.

"The next game was Spruce Creek and I didn't get a chance to play against them because I had gotten dehydrated against Bay High," he adds. "The doctors didn't let me play that game, but it was all right because we won (14-7) and if anybody needed any help like my backup I'd let him know what to do. The next game (against Chiles) I had nine carries for 130 yards and two touchdowns."

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