Trott Comes Up Big For Offense

Redshirt freshman Tommy Trott made several big catches for the Tigers in Thursday night's victory over South Carolina.

Columbia, S.C.--It took five games but the Tommy Trott show has finally been unveiled to the world. An all-world tight end as a scout team performer last season and during the spring, Trott had just a single reception for the season coming into Thursday night's game against South Carolina. While he didn't have a huge game in terms of numbers, his impact on the Auburn win can't be overlooked.

With three catches for 31 yards and his first touchdown, Trott was very happy following the hard-fought win over South Carolina. While he was pleased with finally getting some action on the field, Trott says he's just happy to get a win against the scrappy Gamecocks.

"It felt great not only for myself but for the team," Trott says. "Obviously we got a little scare but the coaches have been telling us all week that we would be walking into a trap tonight. It was a big Thursday night game and their fans were ready and obviously the coaches and players were ready."

Not only did Trott make plays in the passing game he also had several nice blocks on the night.

Trott's touchdown came in the second quarter with just 4:37 left on the nine-yard pass from Brandon Cox. At the time Auburn led 14-3 but South Carolina drove right back down and scored on a touchdown pass with just 46 seconds left in the half. The play gave the Gamecocks energy going into the half, something Trott says the Tigers wanted to take away in the third quarter.

"Going into halftime they had the momentum," Trott says. "We said at halftime that we needed to make a drive. The coaches told us at halftime we had to shut down that momentum and we needed to get it back in our favor. To do that we had to have a drive. That third and 11 (pass to Robert Dunn) was a huge play for us. It kept the drive going and kept the defense off the field. I think we were able to score some points on that drive."

The pass to Dunn from Cox was just one of the many the junior hit on the night. While his numbers aren't overwhelming, 13-19 for 180 yards and a touchdown, Trott says Cox did his usual good job of remaining calm when all around him seemed to be falling apart.

"Brandon stepped up big tonight," Trott says. "He's so cool back there in the pocket. He doesn't get rattled ever. It seemed like there were two or three big third down plays where he stepped up in the pocket and made plays. I thought he had a real good game."

The game was won in the third quarter when Auburn controlled the ball for the full 15 minutes thanks to two lengthy drives by the offense and a crucial trick play from Coach Tommy Tuberville. Trott says that Tuberville's fearless attitude to take chances just gives the team energy on the field and in crunch time.

"It's a lot of fun," Trott says. "That onside kick was a great call and kept the ball in the offenses' hands. It's a lot of fun. I think I heard where the offense kept the ball for the first 15 minutes of 20 seconds of the first half. That's real cool."

Twice on Thursday night Auburn scored from the one-yard line on fourth down. The first came from Kenny Irons on the first drive of the game by the Tigers. The second time closed out Auburn's final touchdown drive of the night. Once again it was Irons doing the chore but Trott says that the offensive line deserves a lot of credit for the offensive output Thursday night that saw Auburn scored on four of six possessions.

"The unsung heroes," Trott says of the offensive line. "They played great tonight. They came out and did what we asked them to do. We threw a little more tonight but when we ran it they blocked real well in some crucial plays down on the goal line. That is the offensive line getting that ball across. Kenny made a great play but he wouldn't have gotten there if it wasn't for the offensive line."

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