Bold Thief Nabs AU Football Team's Computer

Auburn, Ala.--Coach Tommy Tuberville says that a portable computer stolen from his team's hotel in Columbia, S.C., prior to Auburn's victory over South Carolina did not have an effect on his team's performance last Thursday night.

Columbia police are looking for a suspect in the case of the missing computer, which contained video of Auburn's practices the week of the South Carolina game along with the game plan for Thursday's contest.

Explaining what happened, Tuberville says, "We go to the hotel, we always check in and we set up an offensive room and a defensive room with a laptop that contains all of our game plans, all of our practices. It is next to the place where we normally meet.

"Those were set up and we were getting ready for meetings after dinner. The players were standing around. It was probably my fault we didn't have it locked. We had players and coaches standing at the doors. Evidently, we have got it on video.

"It looks a drifter, as the police saw and looked on video after the laptop was stolen. The drifter walked into our meeting room with people standing there, picked it up and put it in his pants and walked out the door."

The computer has already been replaced as Auburn prepares for this week's home game vs. Arkansas.

"The police identified him as somebody they see around the mall all of the time," Auburn's head coach says of the thief. "It had nothing to do whatsoever with South Carolina or any of that. Somebody out there has a nice $15,000 computer who doesn't know how to get into it."

Tuberville says the hotel isn't at fault and the only information on the computer concerned the South Carolina game. The head coach adds, "It takes a lot of nerve to walk in there with 300 pounders standing around it to pick it up, put it in his pants and walk out the door.

"We didn't have any opportunity to watch the previous day's practice," he adds. "It didn't have anything to do with the outcome of the game. Somebody needed some bucks."

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