Johnson: Pigs Good But Dirty

Auburn starting middle linebacker Merrill Johnson talks about the Tigers' struggle in the 27-10 loss to Arkansas.

Auburn, Ala.--The Arkansas front five on offense beat up on Auburn's defensive front seven, but linebacker Merrill Johnson says the Razorbacks took it too far and that they were the dirtiest team he has ever played against.

"They played physical and they played very dirty," Johnson says. "You just have to do what you've got to do to win. They'll grab your facemask. They'll spit on you. They do it all. Pretty much they did it all."

Arkansas rushed for 279 yards on 45 carries and Johnson adds that the Razorbacks' line should have just beaten the Tigers cleanly instead of using dirty tactics.

"That's bad sportsmanship," he notes. "You just line up and whip the man in front of you is what you should do."

The entire Auburn defense got whipped against the Hogs.

Darren McFadden and Felix Jones both rushed for more than 100 yards, making things worse for the Auburn middle linebacker.

"It was frustrating to see the run coming and still there is nothing you can do about it," Johnson says. "They came out and they pretty much executed their offense and capitalized on our mistakes. They came in ready to play ball.

"They were some very good backs and they were fast," he adds about McFadden and Jones. "I'd say they are probably the fastest backs we've played all year. The reverse threw us off a little bit, plus they had some fast backs and they just hit the edge and we were playing catch-up."

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