Borges: Toomer's Tradition "Really Cool"

Offensive coordinator Al Borges talks about the Auburn fans and traditions.

Auburn, Ala.--Al Borges is in his third season as offensive coordinator at Auburn and has accomplished a great deal. His offense has led the league in scoring each of the last two seasons. He's helped two running backs and a quarterback get into the first round of the NFL Draft.

One thing he had not done, until Saturday night, was go to Toomer's Corner after a victory.

"We've been saying we are going to do that since I've been here," Borges explains. "I wanted to experience the home Tiger Walk my first year so the third game I went through the Tiger Walk at home against LSU, which I never do because assistants just go and get dressed. I said another thing I wanted to do was go to Toomer's Corner after we win a game."

Saturday night he and his wife Nikki went down to the corner of College Street and Magnolia Avenue and took part in the Auburn tradition.

"When is it going to be any better than this so I said, ‘All right, let's go!'" Borges says. "It was pretty cool. It was really cool. I didn't realize the hoopla. I always see the aftermath of hoopla. So that was the first time I've actually experienced the hoopla and it was pretty cool.

"No where have I been have they done these kinds of things," he adds. "We had a cool little Bruin walk at UCLA that I liked, but it's nothing like this with traditions of Toomer's Corner and with so many people in the stands early. In the West Coast they're still out in the parking lot. They're usually not in there by kickoff. They just kind of mosey in when they feel like it. Here you go out there an hour before the game and the student section is full. What a tradition. What a cool deal."

Nikki Borges, left, and Al, right, finally got to be part of the hoopla.

While the Tiger Walk and the rolling of Toomer's Corner are pregame and postgame traditions, Borges says that the Auburn faithful made their presence known during the game as well.

"The second half particularly," he notes. "We had them in it pretty good early because we came pretty good. The second half was deafening in that stadium. I can't believe they (Florida) stayed on sides and not false starting. That place was shaking. I couldn't hear myself a few times."

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