Q&A With Bluechip Auburn Commitment

Kevin Patterson burst onto the national scene this summer with a fantastic showcase tour, becoming one of the country's top prep catching prospects. Patterson, who is out of Oak Mountain High School in Alabama, was a little known commodity entering the summer, but his power and plus arm have made him an elite talent. We recently caught up with Kevin for a Q&A session.

Scout.com: First of all, it was a summer of showcases for you. How you do you feel your summer went and what were you able to get out of it?

Kevin Patterson: This summer went great for me. I played at many events and I played excellent competition. This summer allowed me to showcase my skills in front of many college and professional scouts.

Scout.com: Which event do you think you had your best showing at and why?

Kevin Patterson: I had my best showings this summer at Mississippi State and at Arkansas. Tryouts for the East Coast Professional Showcase were held during June in Starkville. I had one of my best workouts ever. I had great 60 times and my pop time was in the 1.8's. I think I opened some eyes with my BP round as well. I also played pretty well at the Perfect Game National showcase in Arkansas. This event allowed me to play games at multiple positions. It was great exposure for me.

Scout.com: If you had describe your overall game, what are some important things you'd point out and basically what should people know about your style of play?

Kevin Patterson: I play the game very hard and I am a competitor. I don't showboat and I take the game very seriously. I have more confidence in my abilities than most players my age. There is nothing I enjoy more than playing baseball.

Scout.com: What would you say is your strongest attribute as a player and why?

Kevin Patterson: My strongest attribute as a player is my maturity and leadership. I take baseball very seriously and I prepare myself for the season better than most players my age. I also lead by example and I'll do whatever it takes to win.

Scout.com: Have you committed to college yet? If so, which one and have you thought ahead about the decision you could have to make between going pro and college?

Kevin Patterson: I have committed to Auburn University. I am very excited about my opportunity there. Ultimately, I want to play in the big leagues. If given an opportunity to pursue my dream out of high school, I would definitely have to consider it.

Scout.com: What do you feel are the most significant improvements you have to make over the next year and how do you plan to correct them?

Kevin Patterson: I feel that I have to continue to develop as a hitter in terms of power and consistency. I also want to improve behind the plate and I need to continue to work on my release to second base. To do this, I plan on working harder than ever in the weight room, batting cage, and on the practice field.

Scout.com: It seems that you were a player that moved up a lot on many prospects lists this summer. What differences do you think there were in your game that got you the added attention?

Kevin Patterson: I feel that I've always had a solid overall game, but over the past year I've worked hard to get my 60 times down to 6.8 and my pop times under 2.0. I've also put many hours into my strength training, and I feel that this hard work coupled with hard work in the batting cage has elevated my game. As far as climbing prospects lists, I feel a big reason that I've gotten more attention is that many scouts didn't know about me prior to this summer. I had never attended any big-time showcases before.

Scout.com: What do you feel is the most important thing an organization should know about you that they might not see at first glance?

Kevin Patterson: I feel organizations should know that I have a tremendous work ethic. I am also very level-headed and have never been in trouble a day in my life. I have always been self-motivated and I am very focused on achieving my goals.

Scout.com: What big league player would you best compare yourself to in terms of style and why?

Kevin Patterson: In terms of style at the plate, I feel that I approach the game a lot like David Ortiz. I'm not trying to be a name dropper or compare my talents to Ortiz, but I love hitting in pressure situations. Much like Big Papi, I want to be the man at the plate when a big hit is needed.

Scout.com: How would you describe your approach at the plate?

Kevin Patterson: My approach at the plate is very simple. I try to make solid, consistent contact and drive the ball to all fields.

Scout.com: You've been praised for your skills behind the plate by many scouts. Do you see yourself as a catcher long term?

Kevin Patterson: Personally, I feel that catching is my best position. I enjoy it very much and I would like to continue developing as a catcher. Coaches have told me that due to athleticism, I could play outfield and not have to endure the wear and tear of catching. That would be something I would definitely consider.

Scout.com: How do you feel playing against such strong competition has helped you as a player?

Kevin Patterson: I am a fierce competitor. Playing against great competition elevates my intensity and focus. This helps me perform better both at the plate and in the field.

Scout.com: How would you break down your defensive game? Do you feel it is one of your stronger points?

Kevin Patterson: I feel that my defense is solid behind the plate. I handle pitchers pretty well and I enjoy the mental challenges involved in catching. I have an above average arm and I also block well. Overall, I feel that my catching ability and my hitting ability are my strongest points.

Scout.com: Something in your scouting report on Perfect Game USA was that you "hunt pitches". What exactly do you think that says about your approach?

Kevin Patterson: I believe it says that I am a patient hitter and I work the count. I am willing to take a walk if I don't get my pitch to hit.

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