Auburn Coach Looking for More Consistency

Auburn, Ala.--As Auburn prepares for Saturday's homecoming football game vs. the Tulane Green Wave, head coach Tommy Tuberville says he is looking for solid play from the start to the finish from his Tigers.

"We have a lot of guys who have to learn to play consistently," he says. "You can't play with the fever pitch that we played with the other night the second half for every down. You have to find a happy medium in there where you can play up to your level.

"You might not have as much emotion involved in what you are doing, but you can play with more focus than what we have played with in a few games this year. That's what we are talking about with our guys, just going out and focusing. Just do your job and everybody do it together, play as a team."

Auburn and Tulane, who haven't played in football since 1955, will kick off at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. The Green Wave is 2-4 and comes into the game following a 34-20 loss at UTEP last Saturday night while Auburn was defeating Florida 27-17.

The Tigers are 6-1 overall, but haven't played as well as the head coach would like. "There have been several moments this year where we haven't played as a team," Tuberville says. "We kind of lost our focus. There hasn't been any finger pointing, but I think people have been leaning on other guys to do their job and kind of let their job spill over into theirs.

"We have got a lot of young guys playing on the team so hopefully our leadership understands now, not just the coaches, but also the seniors on the team, that they have to also be vocal in all situations, not just in certain situations."

Saturday's game is the third of four non-conference tests for the Tigers, who defeated Washington State of the Pac-10 40-14 and Buffalo of the MAC 38-7. Tulane plays in Conference USA.

"We are looking forward to having a non-conference game after three conference games and it should be a pretty day for homecoming," Tuberville says. "We have to get ready for another challenge.

"Our football team is not playing as well as we can play," Auburn's coach adds. "We haven't done that all year long. We have competed and we challenged each other. We have struggled in some areas. We have some areas that we have to get better in over the next few weeks.

"We have good work ethic and our guys' attention and focus has been there every day," Tuberville says. "We just have had injuries and we have had to move people around, and we just haven't had the consistency on either side of the ball or kicking game. I think our kicking game has been the most productive over the last seven games, but we have to get everyone playing on the same page."

The Tigers, who are ranked fourth nationally in the first BCS ratings, haven't played the Green Wave in football since 1955 when Tulane defeated the Tigers 28-13 in New Orleans.

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