Senior Looking To Finish Strong

Senior defensive end Chris Browder talks about the preparations for Georgia and the importance of finishing strong.

Auburn, Ala.--With Auburn's top two rivalry games remaining as the final two regular season games in 2006 Christopher Browder says it's hard for him to believe that his time at Auburn is almost done.

In his third season after transferring from a junior college, Browder is just beginning to play to his potential week in and week out for the Tigers.

Last week Browder had one of his better games in orange and blue as the Tigers shut out Arkansas State in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Making several plays in the backfield early to set the tone for the defense, Browder says he feels like he's improved by leaps and bounds this week and he's looking to finish strong.

"We practice hard and the harder we practice the better I think I get," Browder says. "I have to finish up with a good season. The team needs to finish strong as well for our postseason hopes. Everybody has to just keep getting better from week to week."

As one of the handful of seniors on Auburn's defense Browder is very familiar with the Auburn-Georgia rivalry and says this week's game is all about who wants it more. Despite Georgia struggling coming into the contest Browder says that it's up to the veterans to make sure the younger players know just how tough this game is going to be.

"We've been talking about it to them and telling them the records don't mean anything," Browder says. "These guys are going to come out, no matter what's going on they are going to come out ready to play. We've got to be ready.

"Even though Georgia has lost a few games they come to play us every year," he adds. "We can't just look at their records just like Alabama has lost a few games. We can't look at it like that. Going into these games they are going to play you hard every time you get on the field. You've got to be ready."

Browder celebrates a victory over Florida earlier this season.

Already this season Auburn has played three games before noon and Saturday's contest will be the fourth such game of the year. Twice the Tigers have struggled in the early starts, losing to Arkansas and playing inconsistently against Ole Miss. Browder says that he doesn't anticipate a slow start this week because the team knows how important this game is and how hard Georgia is going to play.

"It doesn't matter when we play them," Browder says. "We know if we don't come out and play we could lose. It doesn't matter what time it is we've got to come out of the gate striking and doing the fundamental things necessary to win this game.

"You've just got to step up," he adds. "It's man on man, dog eat dog. Everybody has to play their responsibility and take care of their gaps and strike up front. It's going to come down to the play in the trenches. We've got to go get it."

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