Auburn's Offense Excites QB Kodi Burns

Quarterback Kodi Burns talks about his decision to choose Auburn and his thoughts on the future of the program.

Fort Smith, Ark.--This weekend when Auburn's newest commitment Kodi Burns takes his official visit to check out the Georgia game there will be a lot of fanfare and excitement surrounding the game and the whole weekend.

That's quite a change from Burns' first trip to Auburn last summer when he toured the campus with his family. While this weekend will be fun he says that quiet visit was the one that made the biggest impression for him and his family.

"That helped out a lot because I, as well as my parents, loved it," Burns tells Inside The Auburn Tigers. "That was one of the better trips we had all summer. We just fell in love from day one. The coaches were straight-forward. We could tell they were real people and somebody we felt like we could trust for the next four or five years of my life."

One of the top players in Arkansas this season, Burns has been in the public eye since early in his junior season when people realized he would be a shining star as a senior. Because of that the pressure to stay at home has been immense for Burns, but he says that in the end he knew he belonged at Auburn.

"I'm real glad to get it over with because there has been a lot of pressure, especially this being my home state," Burns says. "At the same time it has been pretty hectic and I'm just happy to get it over with. I kind of made my mind up a couple of weeks ago and I'm glad I made the decision.

"I've always kind of wanted to get away from Arkansas," he adds. "At the same time both quarterback situations are good. I felt like the Auburn coaches are straight-forward. I just liked the campus and it's a new environment. The academics stand out too. I just felt like it would be a good choice for me."

Kodi Burns

Watching Auburn this season on television, Burns says he has been impressed with the Tigers' offense despite some struggles at times. He says that the system employed by offensive coordinator Al Borges is one that should fit him perfectly because of his ability to run and pass.

"I feel like it's a real good system where you have to have a true quarterback to play the position," Burns says. "I feel like that what I am is a true pocket-passing quarterback. At the same time if I need to get a couple of first downs during the game running the ball I feel I have the ability to do that.

"What I have seen in the offense they like to open up the pass with the run and at Auburn they're always going to have a top running back. That takes a lot of pressure off the passing game and opens up a lot of lanes to throw the ball. It's a real good system, one of the most flexible."

Burns says that he plans to move to Auburn early next summer to get a head start on his strength and conditioning program. When he does he's expected to be joined by perhaps Coach Tommy Tuberville's best recruiting class at Auburn featuring offensive weapons such as Enrique Davis and wide receivers Chris Slaughter and Quindarius Carr.

Already on campus will be a group of talented second-year players such as Ben Tate, Mario Fannin, Michael Goggans, Tim Hawthorne, Terrell Zachery and Alex Rose. Burns says that with that kind of talent things should be very fun down the road for the Tigers.

"It's real exciting," Burns says. "As a quarterback you are only as good as your team is. To know that you've got those top athletes from the country around you is a big-time feeling. I feel like that will help us succeed even more. I'm real excited about it and ready to start playing."

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