Q&A with Senior Joe Cope

Auburn center Joe Cope answers a variety of questions about the Cotton Bowl and the holidays.

Is everybody excited to go to Dallas?
We're excited and it's a different town. I've never been to Texas so it'll be great trip.

Are you going to eat some of those Texas-sized steaks?
Coach Yox, I think he's from that area. I hear there's a bunch of big steaks out there and a bunch of cowboy wear. I might pick me up some boots or something.

What are your plans for the holidays?
I'm going home, then driving on the 25th. I'm going to spend the night in Birmingham and fly out on the 26th. Me, Will Herring and Jake Shirey.

How are you going to get around without a car?
I guess they've got taxis. So we can either do that, walk or bum a ride from somebody's who's driving.

What do you think about the bowl gifts and iPods you'll be getting?
I'm more of CD guy, but they say these iPods are real nice so I'll start getting into the modern world.

What is Santa giving you for Christmas?
I don't think Santa is giving me much this year. I think he's going to help me out with getting an apartment next year after graduation when I go into the workforce.

Where will the workforce going to be for you?
It's still up in the air. Just anywhere somebody will give me the opportunity to make some good money and work hard.

What's your major?

Would you be willing to play in the Arena League or CFL?
Those thoughts were in my head at the beginning of the year, but after this knee thing happened, the surgery I'll have to have at the end of the year and the rehab, it's just put a set back on all that. I'll have to hang it up and go out on top at a great program here at Auburn.

Hard-working Cope will likely be successful at whatever he does after football.

What do you know about Nebraska's defense?
They're big and strong up front. Their linebackers are big and strong. Their D-line is one of the better ones we've seen as far as coming off the ball. They really come off the ball and they're real big.

How do they compare to some of the other defenses you've seen this year?
A lot of these defenses in the SEC have a lot of speed, but Nebraska is real physical and real strong. They come of the ball with the best of them and they're comparable to the teams around here.

Is it cool to get to play your last game against a program like Nebraska's that is one of the best in college football?
Growing up you hear all about Nebraska winning all of these national championships. They've got a great program and a great tradition so it'll be a great opportunity to play a good team.

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