Tigers Visit Scottish Rite Hospital

Dallas, Tex.--Head coach Tommy Tuberville and the many of Auburn's bowl contingent visited with patients at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Friday afternoon.

Approximately 75 children were in attendance, receiving Dr Pepper gift bags filled with colored Sharpie markers donated by Sanford, teddy bears from Bank of America and t-shirts given by Cadbury Schweppes, along with the official poster of the 71st AT&T Cotton Bowl. The hospital supplied beige Texas Scottish Rite Hospital hats for each player to autograph and hand out to all the children. The Tigers brought gifts of their own, small orange footballs with the Auburn University logo.

Texas Scottish Rite's President, J.C. Montgomery and 10-year old Gretchen Botens made a special presentation to coach Tuberville and the Tigers. Botens drew a special picture for the team that portrayed an action shot of the Tigers on the field with the words ‘Go Auburn Tigers Go!' on the bottom.

Coach Tuberville was appreciative to the AT&T Cotton Bowl and Texas Scottish Rite for allowing the Auburn Tigers to take part in the event. For Tuberville it was a way of showing his team that everyone has to overcome challenges of different kinds and achieving the impossible.

"Coming today has shown our team a lot of humility and appreciation for what they have," stated Tuberville. "I am happy that we were able to come and share with the kids just what athletics means to us and that our players can portray some confidence in helping the children overcome their obstacles."

Coach Tommy Tuberville signs a hat for one of the children visited on Friday.

Linebacker Brian Summerhill said he was ecstatic about meeting with the children because he wanted to let them know that dreams do come true.

"My dream was to come and play football at Auburn," replied Summerhill. "I came on this team as a walk on with no scholarship and that in itself should show the kids that anything they want to do in life is possible, and I just want them to know that and keep their head up."

"This is our way of giving back to the community," stated sophomore kicker Zach Kutch. "I enjoy coming out and taking part in events like this. We love hanging out with kids and having fun with them. It brings a whole new meaning of life to us and I am glad that I was able to come and bring a smile to their face."

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