Recruit Excited About Official Visit to AU

This report features an update on one of the football prospects who will be on the Auburn campus this weekend.

Marietta, Ga.--Bailey Woods, Auburn's first verbal commitment last spring for the 2007 signing class, says he hopes to help the Tigers' recruiting effort on his official visit this weekend.

"It is going to be real exciting," he says. "I am looking forward to talking to all of the other recruits and commitments and getting a chance to know them better."

Currently training for his senior season of track and field competition at Walton High, Woods is also working on getting bigger and stronger. He has been doing weight training workouts at school as well as speed training at Velocity Sports Performance.

"We started our track workouts this week and before that I was training at Velocity," he says. "I plan to compete in the discus and shot in the field events. I am going to run the 100 and 200 in track and maybe compete in another field event."

Woods says he finished his season at Walton High weighing 218 pounds, but has been able to add a significant amount of weight since then.

He currently weighs 236 pounds. "I just started eating a lot more," he says. "By the time I get to Auburn I am hoping to be at 245 or 250 so I am trying to pack on a little over 10 pounds before I go there."

Over the holidays, Woods played in an all-star game in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with four future teammates--quarterback Kodi Burns, offensive lineman Chaz Ramsey, tailback Enrique Davis and kicker Wes Byrum. "It went real well for me," he says. "There was a lot of competition and I think I handled myself well there on the football field."

"Kodi Burns had a touchdown pass and he had a lot of yards rushing. He did a real good job. Enrique scored a touchdown. He did real well. Chaz did a great job all week blocking. Bryum kicked the crap out of the ball, to say the least. I think all of the Auburn guys had a real good game."

Bailey Woods

Bailey is in good shape academically as he hits the stretch run of his high school days. He notes that he posted a 3.75 grade point average last semester, bringing his overall average up to 3.50. "I am probably going to get a double major in political science and philosophy," he says.

The tight end plans to arrive in Auburn on Friday with another recruit. "I am looking forward to spending time with some of the guys I have been talking to on the phone like Lee Ziemba," Woods says. "I plan on picking him up at the Atlanta airport because he is flying in on his way over to Auburn. I am looking forward to actually talking to him in person.

"I think there is a good chance he will come to Auburn," Woods says. "I think our chances went down a little bit after he went on his official visit to Arkansas. I would say we have a 70 percent shot to get him and that is without him visiting. If he has a good time this weekend, which I am sure he will, I think we will end up getting him."

Woods will be a part of Auburn's largest recruiting weekend for official visitors for the 2007 signee class. Other prospects scheduled to visit include:

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