Official Visit Seals Deal for Williams

Ryan Williams gives his official visit to Auburn over the weekend a 45 on a scale of 1-10.

Mobile, Ala.--Defensive back Ryan Williams of B.C. Rain High School, an Auburn commitment who has shopped around to other colleges since his verbal pledge, says that his official visit to Auburn this weekend sealed the deal because of the support staff of the football program.

"I had Aairon Savage as a host so it was already good," Williams explains. "I basically just chilled, hung out with players and had a real good time. On a scale of one to 10 I'd give it a 45. I already knew what I'm going to major in, but my parents really found out about my academic stuff and got it straightened out. They're satisfied with it and they know it's going to be strenuous on me. I believe I can do it with the help of the Auburn faculty and staff.

"I always knew they had a good staff," he continues, "but I didn't know the staff was that A1. I feel like they're going to take care of me and help me out with everything--anything I need help with they're going to help me out. I'm ready. I'll be up here in June."

As far as official visits to other schools, Williams isn't sure but notes that it will be "just to travel."

"I'm debating between Clemson and West Virginia, but Auburn sealed the deal the whole weekend," Williams says.

The 5-11, 185-pound defensive back, who plans on being a Pharmacy major, says that life away from football in Auburn is one of the big selling points.

"The best part of this weekend for me was hanging out with the players and feeling the chemistry," Williams explains. "They didn't treat me like a recruit--they treated me like I already went here. That was outstanding for me. I went to the party and felt like a king. They did me right. If it's like that all of the time I'm going to love it up here.

"They get treated like kings," he says of the current players. "Everybody can't play football, so they really appreciate the whole Auburn community and the Auburn team. I feel like they hold it down. Knowing that they support us, I feel like when I come up here I'm going to be taken care of. Everything up here and is just A1. Coach Yox (Kevin Yoxall) is going to have me in top condition. I'm ready man. It's wonderful. The facilities are nice."

Williams' player host was safety Aairon Savage. Despite Savage beating Williams in NBA Live 2007 on X-Box, Williams says he had a good time hanging out with him and some other players like Robert Dunn, Eric Brock and some old friends from Mobile.

"We just kicked it real hard, had fun, but he beat me a couple of times," Williams says of Savage. "I went to his crib and relaxed. He showed me a good time.

"It was just like old times back in Mobile," he adds. "I really enjoyed it. I already knew them and they basically raised me in football. Big 12 (Antonio Coleman), I was always playing against him so he was always talking to me to keep my head up and whatever. It was basically like being back home with your big brother."

Williams, who runs the 100, 200 and 4x100 in track, also got to spend a good deal of time some of the other 16 recruits in town on officials.

"Me and Michael McNeil hit it off real good and me and Enrique (Davis) kicked it," Williams says. "Basically all of the recruits hung together and had a real good time with this nice treatment."

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