Prospect Enjoys Meeting Other Players

An Auburn University football recruiting report is featured

Pensacola, Fla.--Kyle Coulahan says his weekend at Auburn for an official visit confirmed his belief that AU is where he wants to play his college football.

The senior from Catholic High School was one of 17 prospects in for official visits at Auburn Friday through Sunday. Last April he announced he would sign with the Tigers, choosing Auburn over LSU and others.

He drove up to the AU campus with his parents for the weekend and says, "It went real well. We ate dinner with all of the coaches on Friday and it was a real good time. Each of the players got a host and we all went out and hung out with each other. They showed us around campus and we had a lot of fun.

"Steven Ensminger was my player host," says Coulahan, who played both offense and defense in high school, but is expected to be an offensive lineman at AU. "He is a real great guy and we had a lot of fun. His father, Steve Ensminger, is my recruiting coach.

"Saturday we took a tour of the school," says Coulahan, who notes that he currently weighs in at 310 pounds at just a shade under six-foot-four. "I looked at the liberal arts program. They talked about different programs, what classes we can take, internships, eligibility and all of that good stuff.

"After that we went to the field and we ate in the one of the stadium suites," he adds. "That was real nice and the food was good. After that we came to the hotel, rested up and went out for dinner. We got up with our player hosts after that and we went out again and had a real good time."

Coulahan, who transferred to Catholic High as senior after playing at West Florida High the previous year, says he particularly enjoyed spending time with Auburn's current team members as well as the recruits.

"I met a bunch of players," he says. "I don't remember all of their names. They told me it is a blast and I will really enjoy my time at Auburn.

"I talked to a lot of the other recruits. We are good friends now. We are excited about coming to Auburn and we keep in touch with each other."

Coulahan says he enjoyed getting to spend time with future teammates like Bailey Woods, Chaz Ramsey and John Douglas as well offensive tackle recruit Lee Ziemba, who has narrowed his choice to Auburn or Arkansas. "Lee Ziemba is a great guy," Coulahan says. "I had a blast with those guys. Getting to hang out with all of these guys who are going to be my new teammates was probably the best part of the visit."

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